Travel function

I push the enable button on the side of the platform operator controls, and then operate the lever forward or reverse. It begins to move in the direction of choice, but stops abruptly. If I press the enable button again, it takes off, and goes another two feet...... Repeat!!
Looking for some help here, as to where to start to fix the issue.
Thank you for your input.
  • Posted 26 Nov 2023 01:11
  • Discussion started by Grandpa
  • Illinois, United States
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What a great response, packed full of good possibilities, that I will look into. You must have me mixed up with someone else, as this scissors lift had been used by a construction company, prior to me purchasing it.
I cleaned all of the wire contact points in the platform control box, and inspected the potentiometer. I have the carb off at the present time, looking for a new electric choke and a few other parts. When I get that back together, I will begin running the tests that you suggested.
Thanks for your support!!
  • Posted 28 Nov 2023 13:14
  • Reply by Grandpa
  • Illinois, United States
thanks Grandpa,
well, one of the first things i would check is the control handle and switches and wires inside it. If the handle is worn it might cause the initiate circuit to disengage when moving the handle. Get a vom meter and hook to the switch circuit and monitor that while moving the handle and see if it drops out at any point while moving it. If your platform controller is what came on it and hasn't been replaced or coverted to a new style then it should have a travel potentiometer, you can check that and make sure it doesn't have any dead spots in it, that would certainly make it stop erratically.
another thing that comes to mind, you said this came from an Air Force Base?
Some units that operated around airplanes had a special kit installed on them that would disable the travel if it got too close to the plane, some sort of arms or sensors around the platform railing? Does this unit have anything like that on it? If so this could be causing the travel issue.
Then of course you can put a vom on the fwd/rev valve on the main manifold block and check the travel signal there and see if it is dropping out erratically.

Is an alarm sounding when it stops?
that could be the tilt sensor causing it to stop, they have been known to go bad and cause issues like this also. The older style ones had an acutal pendulum inside it that contacts a ring and if it shakes too much it will stop the unit and sound a tilt alarm or blow the horn. Is any of this happening?

these are a few things to look at.
if you want any documents on it you can go to JLG's website and get their service and parts literature at no cost and download them. The service document your looking for according to your serial number is 3120691.
As for parts you can use the interactive section and input the serial number and it will take you right to the parts section.
  • Posted 28 Nov 2023 12:58
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
S/N 0200037747
I hope that will help you.... to help me.
  • Posted 28 Nov 2023 11:33
  • Reply by Grandpa
  • Illinois, United States
Swoop, I appreciate your help. I do know it is a 1998 machine, and will get the serial # and let you know. I'm thinking a solenoid on the brake may be not getting enough voltage, and it drops out, causing the machine to stop. I'm no mechanic, but doing a lot of reading. What are your thoughts on that possibility? I brought the platform controller home with me, and see some need for electronic cleaner on some terminations and contacts.
  • Posted 26 Nov 2023 14:05
  • Reply by Grandpa
  • Illinois, United States
well it certainly sounds like some sort of electrical problem.
thing is they changed wiring in these units over the years so without a serial number it's going to be hard to track down. Maybe you can call someone on location and get them to look on the data plate?

if it is a drive issue the controller may have a MIL light on it, when it's in the fault condition it may flash a code. That's one of the first things i would check if it were me.
  • Posted 26 Nov 2023 13:52
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
Machine is on a job 35 miles from me, and I do not have one. Just about has to be an electrical issue, one would think.
  • Posted 26 Nov 2023 11:18
  • Reply by Grandpa
  • Illinois, United States
got a serial number?
  • Posted 26 Nov 2023 11:15
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!

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