Doosan (& Daewoo) G25P-5:

Aloha Guys, Not a tech just a dyi woodworker, looking for a couple of common sense thoughts on my used daewoo g25p 5000lb propane lift.
I bought this used with 6900hours on it. It arrived and ran fine during the last 1/3 of the tank it arrived with. I refueled tank at AirGas, guessing they knew to put in HD1. The new tank seemed to run fine until maybe half thru. Then a little sputter here and there. Now tank is about 25% and sputtering pretty hard. I don't actually like taking it out of the warehouse cause I worry it will stall and not restart. It hasn't stalled out completely.
I've driven propane lifts in the past but was not part of any maintenance work on them. My last lift was electric so no maintenance. lol.
Looking for a service manual or at least a owners manual. I read on line propane lifts can be either liquid or vapor propane run. Unsure which this is....
Also saw that the tank may need to be oriented in a proper position?
My tech friend who wont be abe to look at it for another couple weeks said maybe dirty gas, that recent propane harvested from tar sands has residual oil and some sort of dirt trap may need to be added.
Unsure. Guessing its fuel air or spark. But no manual to follow along with.
Any advice? Manual downloads without boogiemen attached?
Doosan doesn't seem to have down loads for daewoo I could find.
Thanks for any leads.
Best to you and yours, happy holidaze.
  • Posted 22 Nov 2021 11:15
  • Discussion started by correy_smith
  • Hawaii, United States

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