Hyster H50XL:
Propane "valve" freezes up

I have no idea what year this forklift is, it is an older model for sure. It is an LP fueled model and the LP is fed into a round two stage valve prior to being fed to the carburetor. This "valve" freezes up quite quickly and I am not sure if there is supposed to be engine coolant flowing into or around this "valve" to keep the valve from freezing. When it freezes up the engine stops running and you have to pour hot water on the valve to get the engine to start again, this happens over and over. I am at my wits end... Anyone know or remember anything about this set up and what I can do to stop it from freezing???? I am fairly certain this LP system is factory, but it could be aftermarket stuff... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks dale_k
  • Posted 1 Jan 2019 10:39
  • Modified 1 Jan 2019 11:00 by poster
  • Discussion started by dale_k
  • Arizona, United States
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I did find that coolant was NOT flowing through the valve causing the problem. I appreciate the assistance offered on this forum. Thanks very much for the help guys!
  • Posted 12 Feb 2019 14:52
  • Reply by dale_k
  • Arizona, United States
theres only a couple of things i know of that can cause the vaporizer to freeze up
- poor or no coolant circulation through the vaporizer
- an internal problem with the vaporizer, ruptured diaphragm

I would do as suggested previously, check the coolant circulation, including making sure the waterpump is circulating through the radiator. Also make sure the thermostat is working.

if circulation is poor then flush the system or replace any clogged hoses
if circulation good then i would suggest replacing the vaporizer (you can try rebuilding it but by the time you do that you could just replace it for about the same cost).
  • Posted 6 Jan 2019 14:20
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
I have to blow it apart and assess the situation.
First I have to see if the coolant hoses are caked with crap or if they are open to flow, then I have to see if there is a thermostat in the engine. After that, I am going to replace the coolant hoses as necessary and replace the thermostat just for good measure.
I certainly appreciate the help you guys are providing me, especially since I am a newbie!
Thank you gentlemen very much, I will keep you posted on what the results of my investigation show.
  • Posted 6 Jan 2019 04:09
  • Reply by dale_k
  • Arizona, United States
make sure someone hasn't removed the thermostat from the system. you should get good flow through the regulator from start up , corrosion in the pipework can be an issue if the coolant hasn't been maintained correctly
  • Posted 5 Jan 2019 20:02
  • Reply by stackerhacker
  • glasgow, United Kingdom
mwjski, thanks a bunch for your reply. I have been looking at this thing and found it does indeed have a coolant hose into and coming out of the LP Valve. I will get in there and find what's wrong. I do appreciate your time and your insight.
  • Posted 5 Jan 2019 10:41
  • Reply by dale_k
  • Arizona, United States
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Yes it needs coolant running through it. Check your radiator level and also your water pump. You might also have an air lock in the hoses that supply the coolant to it. I had one that I had to install a low pressure electric fuel pump to the lines to help circulate the coolant because the regulator sat to high on the frame and the water pump couldn't push it up there.
  • Posted 5 Jan 2019 09:44
  • Reply by mwjski
  • Montana, United States

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