Hyster H60FT:
Parasitic draw

Unit with cab, front and rear wipers, washers, fan, lamp and heater. Exterior options, LED front and rear work lamps, flashers, turn signals and blue light.
2.4L PSI LPG engine
Parasitic draw remains.6-.7A for over 5 minutes. At some point past 5 minutes, draw seems to drop to.2-.3A
Standard is Parasitic draw should drop below.5 in under 2 minutes.
Are there any options on this package that are designed to keep drawing for longer than 5 minutes? I don't want to spend hours chasing a weird "feature".
  • Posted 7 Jan 2022 08:23
  • Discussion started by Jerry_Fick
  • Missouri, United States
Jerry F
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The correct battery current draw should be 120 ma for approximately 30 seconds. Then it should drop to 13-15 ma. Make sure the alternator resistor is not placed in the Transorb slot, it will cause excessive current draw. Should the draw remain with all in the correct positions, start pulling fuses until the draw stops. Then trace it from there.
  • Posted 14 Jan 2022 05:42
  • Reply by Fishmech
  • Virginia, United States
The hard to do we do right away. The impossible just takes a little longer.
A suggestion. Pull the heavy battery wire off of the alternator and retest. The diodes in an alternator can "leak" occasionally, causing a Parasitic draw-
  • Posted 7 Jan 2022 09:56
  • Reply by ForklifttSteve
  • Mississippi, United States
Steve Pierce
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