Crown 30RCTT-S:
No fwd or rev.

Pump starts. Up & down travel, and tilt works. No forward or reverse.

Battery charged. Continuity on joystick switches good.

Could this be brake switch problem? How do you properly jump out (3 wires?) To test?

Service manual available online?

  • Posted 16 Sep 2017 01:10
  • Discussion started by BHedgrove
  • Pennsylvania, United States
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Check resistance through forward and reverse switches, I've seen trucks not work with as little as.5ohm. Another possibility is a 1rec. Unplug battery and discharge capacitor, remove 3rec pigtail and motor cable from 1 rec. Keep those ends isolated. Plug in battery and turn on. Check battery volts on both sides of the 1rec. Right side will have battery volts, left side will have EXACTLY half battery volts. If it is not exactly half battery, that is the problem. A bad capacitor can also cause this problem. If you have another similar truck, swapping capacitors is very simple.
  • Posted 8 Nov 2017 23:59
  • Reply by Ifixit
  • Pennsylvania, United States
I have the same problem as BH. I tried the jumper on 2 and 3 per suggested to BH, but still no motion, only the motion alarm is working. Any other suggestions? Also checked fuses, and inspected for any burned/damaged circuits. The movement relays arew not getting powered. Thanks.
  • Posted 8 Nov 2017 10:30
  • Reply by seuntjens
  • Iowa, United States
That worked. Thank you very much for the instruction.

Now that it's isolated to brake switch circuit I will test to find faulty switch and replace.
  • Posted 27 Sep 2017 21:21
  • Reply by BHedgrove
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Jack up and block both front wheels in case there are other problems. Then jumper screw terminal 2 to 3 on EV-100 card to bypass brake switches. Contactors should now operate if problem is in brake switches. Try turning the steering tiller all the way both ways to check contactor and motor for each side and in forward and reverse
  • Posted 25 Sep 2017 03:30
  • Reply by popeye
  • Ohio, United States
Ok, let's start with proper way to bypassEV-100?

No battery door switches present.

Thanks for your time.
  • Posted 21 Sep 2017 00:05
  • Reply by BHedgrove
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Going to need more info on this truck. Could be EV-100 or EV-1 bypassing to test is different with each. As for manual you will not get one here. You have three brake switches to deal with plus a possible battery door switch if it has them.
  • Posted 17 Sep 2017 23:21
  • Reply by popeye
  • Ohio, United States

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