Jungheinrich TFG316S:
No error but beeping and not lifting

My forklift (GPL powered) , does not show any error, but after i turn it on it seems all normal, i can move front or backwards, do basicly anything except lifting the fork, the moment i touch the control to lift the fork it starts beeping, beeping doesnt stop unless i turn it off, and still i can do any operation except lifting.
Strangly this happens sometimes and it keeps all day, and sometimes with me doing nothing different it just works fine all day.
Jungheinrich service in Romania is very unprofessional, they tried twice troubleshooting it and no result.
Basilcy what they said was "if there is no error showing, we do not know what to do".
  • Posted 20 Nov 2021 10:18
  • Discussion started by Burak_Oztekin
  • Romania
Succes comes only with hard work
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I have the same issue with my Jungheinrich forklift. Did you manage to fix your issue? If yes, please let me know what the issue was.

Thank you
  • Posted 1 Mar 2024 21:26
  • Reply by M_Riaz
  • United Kingdom
Ok will do tomorrow , thanks a bunch
Succes comes only with hard work
If you want, you can send me a video by whatsapp. My cellphone number is +5491126501033
  • Posted 26 Nov 2021 01:35
  • Reply by Ironman_93
  • Argentina
Hello again , Ironman_93, if it could be a way for me to send you a video of starting my forklift and what happens after, i think would help a lot for you to understand the problem.
You have and ideas how we can do that?
As i couldnt find a way to post a video here
Succes comes only with hard work
Info messages
Z Information messages are shown in the display (127).
Display Meaning
134 Hydraulics zero position on power up
- A hydraulic function or the horn applied during power up.
- The hydraulic function applied will not be performed.
- Depressurised mode activated.
156 - Recorded speed too high.
173 Parking brake released during initialisation
- Parking brake must be activated, see "Release the parking
brake." on page 149.
186 Self test interrupted
- The truck performs a self-test after the start (tests the
controllers and motor). During this time the truck cannot move
or lift.
- Depressurised mode activated.
191 Overtemperature
- Hydraulic oil temperature too high.
- Coolant temperature too high.
193 Anti-stall function active
- The engine speed is too low, hydraulic functions will not be
  • Posted 25 Nov 2021 23:54
  • Reply by Ironman_93
  • Argentina
Hello ,

The model is Model TFG 316s 310 ZZ Year of fabrication 2011
Interestingly the problem is not constant i mean it happens one day and one day it is all good , forklift works perfect no problems.
I hve a digital screen but no error appears there, o ly thing is a beeping and all
Light on panel flickering, when this happens i cand do all operations except lifting.
Succes comes only with hard work
Buenos dias Burak, como estas?
Trataré de ayudarte con el problema de tu equipo Jungheinrich. Que año de fábricacion tiene tu equipo? Te animas a desarmar y revisar el equipo tu mismo? Si es así como primera instancia te diría que revises en la palanca de elevación debe haber un cable, revisalo que esté en buen estado. Revisa el estado del conector de ese cable y del ramal de conexión de este cable.
Comentame si esto solucionó tu problema o seguimos con los puntos a chequear para buscar solucionar tu problema.

Saludos desde Argentina.
  • Posted 25 Nov 2021 20:58
  • Reply by Ironman_93
  • Argentina
Hello , it is easy to look what happend in diagnostic software.

Do you have digital display? Give my year of truck If you hvae a multipilot i think it is error inside, but strange you have not a code
  • Posted 25 Nov 2021 20:51
  • Reply by tr_doctor
  • Netherlands

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