Need to open Hyster Tracker Menu to enable and disable operating features.

Hi! Does ayone knows how to open Hyster Tracker Menu to enable/disable working features? We have an used Jungheintich tow tractor that came with this Hyster Tracker and unit was in perfectly working conditions. Apparently Hyster Tracker Menu was open and we changed several working features including enabling seat belt interlock but this Jungheinrich unit does not offer this feature and now when we restart unit it asks us to place seat belt and would not allow us to use it. We need to go back to the menu to disable this feature. Does any one knows how to go into menu again?
Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks
  • Posted 6 Sep 2023 06:42
  • Discussion started by Jose_Gonzalez
  • Texas, United States
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most come with a default password of either: up, up, down, up, up or down, down, up, down, down. (use the arrow keys in the centre of the display)
Hope this helps.

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