Komatsu FG18SHT-20:
MIL flashes 6 times, fuse 13 blows, tilt solenoid smoking

Was operating my forklift (2007, SN 675820) when lift/tilt stopped working and multiple flashing lights.. Shut it off and towed it to a safe place out of the way. I googled and read a bunch on here and other places. Neutral was lit, MIL flashed 6 times then paused, then continued that pattern. I could not get the magic sequence for the code, and reading, I assumed 'main relay', so I inspected relays in the two units located below the drivers left hip. They looked old and crappy, but functional, ordered some spare CM1AF-R-12V relays from mouser and moved on to the fusebox below the relays, the main 15a fuse 13 was blown and another 10A, I forget which,17?,, maybe the O2 sensor heater, was blown, replaced those and stocked the spare locations with spare fuses, and the MIL was no longer flashing. I started the engine and about 2 seconds later the MIL started flashing again, and inspecting, the main fuse was blown. I did what every electrical engineer does that is denied easy access to a wiring diagram and put a 20A in for a test. Bingo - pretty soon I smelled magic electrical smoke from below the foot deck, so shut if off and removed the deck and cross-plate that holds the throttle.. I could not see what had gotten warm, so I started it up again, and saw the smoke coming from under the lift/tilt/side valve body and shut it off. I was able to locate the source of the smoke, it was what I would call the 'tilt safety solenoid' (I would use the official name if parts manuals were not treated like state secrets). The closest I can come to determining the part number is "60954-1" or "60955-1"

Can someone help me determine the correct replacement part?
  • Posted 23 Oct 2023 05:19
  • Modified 23 Oct 2023 08:45 by poster
  • Discussion started by mjcother
  • Florida, United States
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@Scott_ - Thanks for the 12v/24v info! Makes sense!
  • Posted 24 Oct 2023 01:49
  • Reply by mjcother
  • Florida, United States
Today, after reading that hydraulic fluid will not spew out when removing it, I decided to take the solenoid out to inspect/test on the bench.. I could fit a 1" crowfoot flarenut 12 point socket on it, but was afraid I would break the socket, so I carefully removed the connector head and verified that a 6pt 1" socket fit best, 25mm would not fit... not wanting to grind a hole in the side of this particular socket for the wires, I snipped the wires fairly short and used a breaker bar to remove the sensor.. I cleaned it up and it is very hard to read, even with using camera phone on zoom, but looks like W 1612 60955 4407 (I assume the 4407 is the date code since this was mfrd 12/07. I used a couple butt-crimps to reattached the wires and tested on the battery... sure enough, no solenoid action, and smoke after a few seconds... I found a "Husco 60955-1 12v" one that looks identical on eBay for $170 with offer, and they accepted $100..." we will see what happens.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2023 01:48
  • Reply by mjcother
  • Florida, United States
I believe if they are12 volts the numder is hu60955-1 if 24 volts the number is hu60954-1 they are called solenoid spool lock. Hope this helps.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2023 01:44
  • Reply by Scott_
  • Pennsylvania, United States

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