Toyota 7FGCU55-BCS:
Hydraulic pump failure

We have several 7FGCU55 lifts that are having problems lifing a load above a certain height, we have checked the pressure of the pump and it shows to be around 2300psi, my understanding is that the 2300 is below the recommended pressure of 2600, (may not be correct on the 2600).
Has anyone else had this problem, seems like it has hit all at once on 3 lifts, I understand lifecycles, just seems odd that several units have the same problem at the same time.
Any thoughts,
  • Posted 10 Oct 2009 00:06
  • Discussion started by phillip_b
  • Texas, United States
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my first and last name as one word and company as one word.

phillipburnett at templeinland dot com

Thanks again
  • Posted 10 Oct 2009 01:00
  • Reply by phillip_b
  • Texas, United States
you must spell out your e or it gets deleted. ie: joe dot schmoe at nowhere dot com
  • Posted 10 Oct 2009 00:54
  • Reply by rick_c
  • Texas, United States
technology: (no user serviceable parts inside)
Thanks, Please send the procedure, I have not checked the drive shaft but have had problems in the past with them on older lifts.
[email address removed]
Thanks again
  • Posted 10 Oct 2009 00:43
  • Reply by phillip_b
  • Texas, United States
the pressure should be around 2700 on that unit and it is adjustable. the loss of pressure you have experienced is not an indication of total failure and can probably be compensated for with pressure releif adjustment. however if you acheive the correct pressure and still find the lifting speed very slow and or the steering is hard the pump may be going bad. we have found that many of these pump failures are related to drive shaft issues. if the shaft slide is locked up the pump shaft is pushed or pulled with engine movement causing wear to the end plates. there is a lubrication point on the shaft that is routinely overlooked. i can send you the adj' procedures. good luck.
  • Posted 10 Oct 2009 00:29
  • Reply by rick_c
  • Texas, United States
technology: (no user serviceable parts inside)

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