Hyster H70FT:
fault codes and no start

I just purchased a unit from a remote location. Unit was suppose to run and operate. Unit will not start and has these codes. ECU522739-5 #6, VSM2023-12 #1, VSM524263-1 #3 Vehicle system Mngr HW4430040, SW P 5.67. This is my first newer hyster 2005. Unit does crank over, has no spark from the coil.
What can anyone tell me about all of this.
  • Posted 15 Dec 2012 03:28
  • Discussion started by rrlift
  • Illinois, United States
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I am sending a newsletter to vsm files
by email
this can be a conflict
File vsm
cdf old version 4.xxxx
file with new version 5.xxxxx
maybe this cdf of vsm must be updated
Please check the serial number
by display
if the serial number is the same nameplate
have much knowledge in programming and hyster yale
hello friend
which the serial number?
the final letter in the series?
which the year of manufacture?
you may have a problem of file vsm
you said that this is hyster 2005?
hyster uses this old version 4xxxx
the version you spoke is 5.67
This version is used in the newer vsm
vsm this is original?
Please add me on skype: hyster.brasil
or by email
I can help you
ECU522739-5 is open circuit in Heated Oxygen Sensor
possible cause:
Heater supply/drive open circuit
sensor failure
functional failure in controller

VSM524263-1 is Uncommanded Power Down
possible cause:
TCU program corrupted or TCU application file mismatch
functional failure in controller

VSM2023-12 is canbus error with display
possible causes for this error are:
termination resistors open circuit
open/intermittent circuit on can HI, can LO
can HI and can LO shorted together
open circuit on power/ground to can connected devices
STG on can HI
STS/STB on can LO
can connected device failure

Check all wiring and connectors and make sure they are in good order, fully plugged in, make sure no broken wires, corroded connections, all ground connections are good, and check all fuses to make sure none are blown.

If you find no issues there then try clearing out the codes, generally if you turn off the key (for no less than 30 seconds) the codes should clear, if not then you will have to go into the DSC and check truck serial number and make sure it matches the dataplate. A software update may be required.
Generally these type errors are caused by a connection issue but ultimately could be a component failure.
A call to your local hyster dealer to get a qualified tech to look at this may be required.
  • Posted 15 Dec 2012 20:57
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
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