Toyota 5FBE15:
FA code, no functionality.

Hi, I have a 5be15 that since a charge has a error code 'FA' on the screen and won't function at all. Our nearest forklift repair is a long way away so wondering if anyone has any ideas...

  • Posted 5 Mar 2023 20:34
  • Discussion started by Freeno
  • United Kingdom
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Thankyou for your help here, the issue is now resolved.

I thought i had read this in here, but the error in this scenario was related to a resistor under the battery, it was completely corroded and had failed. This sounds simple, but be aware, the battery weighs just under a tonne, so its not easy to remove. Once it is lifted out, there is a chunky, 120w 1R5 resistor under it. Toyota claimed nearly £800 for a replacement, with a 3 month waiting list - I ended up going to a company called Farnell ( and buying one for £20 (MPQLJ015J120).

The strange thing i dont understand is why its there. The wires reach out to the CPU board, so i just stretched it out there, put a casing around it and it all works (after the nightmare of getting the battery back in..!)

All in all, thanks everyone for your help, if this can help someone else then im happy!
  • Posted 24 May 2023 05:13
  • Reply by Freeno
  • United Kingdom
hmm strange if it worked before tthese earlier dc trucks usuall y had some kind of earth leakage to frame when there was a fault so what you need to determine is that this is not the case so two things disconnect battery and connect multi meter to machine plug to see if there is any grounding of the unit to the frame and also when plugged in connect meter to battery earth and the put probe to frame see if you get areading which i suspect you will see if it is surface or hard voltage if you get a reading try this test with a 12v test light from batt neg to frame with battery plugged in if you follow me last resort remove battery from unit and plug in to see if unit will start up to give a ne example of what can occur some years back a tech i know went to servic a similar yoyota unit the battery pack was leaking to frame when he opened the service door some paper clips fell into the contactor control board area and shorted out the cpu board due to the battery leaking to the frame so its important that there iis no earth leakage to frame or battery leakage to frame and also sometimes one of the motors can also create a short to frame which if the case canbe isolated by diconnecting the cables leading to the control boards which isolates the motor unfortunatley its a process of elimination but i fear that maybe cpu board has been shorted somehow good luck
  • Posted 8 Mar 2023 20:02
  • Reply by skyreach
  • Victoria, Australia
reach for the sky
Thankyou for your response!

Yeah, this was after a charge, the charger wont allow me to plug it incorrectly as male-female so I guess that confirms it was plugged into the right place when charging. The batteries were low on water, this was only picked up after the charge, not sure if that has any effect, after topping up all batteries and charging the voltage and current look OK, and when it turns on (with FA code) the battery shows 90% full.

I cant see any other places there could be a disconnect, but happy to go and have another look.

There are some notes on this forum about checking the resistor under the battery :,Posted%2024%20Feb%202012%2001%3A26%20Reply%20by%20robert_c but this is a different model.

I have checked the easy to get to fuses (under the dash), but i think there is another fuse board in one of the side panels, i can take a look in here too and check...

Again, thanks for your reply, if any further insight, please shout!

  • Posted 6 Mar 2023 23:20
  • Reply by Freeno
  • United Kingdom
description of your error code in the manual is wiring harness plug disconnection, cpu board defect, snubber board defect you say it was after a charge ? was the unit ok before if so you didnt by any chance plug the charger directly into the machine and not the battery by mistake check all fuses and check for earth to frame in the units anderson plug not the charger plug if there is an earth to frame in the plug and you have plugged in there by mistake it is possible the cpu board is blown
  • Posted 6 Mar 2023 21:31
  • Reply by skyreach
  • Victoria, Australia
reach for the sky

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