Crown FC-4000:
Error codes

Hello everyone,
I am looking for some help in repairs to my forklift. It is a Crown FC-4000. It reads on the dash 978. I believe that is the error code for it and I have no manual to tell me what this is. Recently I have had to clean contactor and replace one because it was damaged. If anyone could help I would be very thankful.
  • Posted 18 Aug 2016 01:55
  • Discussion started by Tom01
  • California, United States
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There where several things wrong with it. I finally got a master mechanic for Crown out to look at it and we tested all kinds of things. First the large diode was blown and letting current flow both ways. A the large resistor was bad and when we replaced it we found the bad diode and that half of the motherboard was bad. I thank everyone for helping me and writing back to fix this problem I just was hoping it wasn't as bad as it was.
  • Posted 24 Aug 2016 23:51
  • Reply by Tom01
  • California, United States
Sounds like brake accumulator pressure. The beep/chime should go off when the pressure is reached (if it ever does).
  • Posted 24 Aug 2016 14:31
  • Reply by Dfraz916
  • California, United States
It is permanent. From the moment I plug in power.

Sorry. I should have put: this forklift once turned on and I sit in seat will start a continuous beep sound. It will not go forward/backwards, or any lift/tilt controls.
  • Posted 19 Aug 2016 21:20
  • Modified 19 Aug 2016 21:25 by poster
  • Reply by Tom01
  • California, United States
I think thats your hour meter reading as the FC4000 uses the EV100 control system which doesn't go above code 200. FC4500 doesn't go above 300 and the new FC5200 doesn't go above 800.

The display should have a small spanner icon, is this lit when it says 978 as that would indicate a fault code. Is 978 shown on the display permanently or only when you key on/off?

What issues with the unit lead you to think you have an error code, is it functioning correctly?
  • Posted 19 Aug 2016 16:43
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand

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