Clark C25CL:
Error Codes 0172, 0087

I've got a C25CL with error codes 0172 and 0087. It has a 2.4l engine and runs rough. Also surging at idle.
Does anyone have any literature on this unit?
Does anyone know what these codes mean?
Any info would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
  • Posted 4 Apr 2019 05:38
  • Discussion started by jorge_v
  • Arizona, United States
EVERYBODY needs a little help sometimes.
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  • Posted 13 Apr 2023 08:57
  • Reply by marcos_m
  • California, United States
From the book

P0172 System too rich Programmable
KFLamAd higher than expected (1,25):
Engine, injectors or pressure reducer
out of spec.
Turn On MIL Open-loop
Limit torque 50%

P0087 Fuel rail / system pressure too
low 1700mbar Fuel absolute pressure lower than
expected Turn on MIL
  • Posted 13 Apr 2023 04:24
  • Reply by andrew_k
  • England, United Kingdom
Anyone figure out the issue for 172?
  • Posted 13 Apr 2023 01:41
  • Reply by marcos_m
  • California, United States

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