Linde (& Baker) H-25-T:
error code T237

hi, i have a linde showing T 2 3 7 error code while it drops drive, could anyone tell me what this relates to ?
  • Posted 10 Oct 2011 09:43
  • Modified 10 Oct 2011 09:44 by poster
  • Discussion started by eddy
  • Queensland, Australia
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eddy, I had a new h35t doing this and it just about ate my lunch. The only time it came up was when this one certain operator got on it. He is 6 ft 5 in tall and wt 260, the seat had a beaded seat cover and it laid over the back of the seat and when he sat in it and seat was all the way back, the seat would push the back of the cover that covers the fuses and controller and the code came up. the other operators are smaller. moved a few things and problemn solved.This may not be your problemn but just thought id share
  • Posted 18 May 2015 05:54
  • Reply by edward_m
  • Texas, United States
The controller has detected that the two controller inputs (N1:58, N1;73 of the braking switch (1S1) have the same signal status. Possible causes braking switch (1S1) defective or the connection between the controller (N1:58, N1:73) and the braking switch (1S1) is faulty.
  • Posted 12 Oct 2011 15:48
  • Reply by MEngr
  • Missouri, United States
thanks forkingabout, i'll check the switches and see whats happening.
  • Posted 12 Oct 2011 12:40
  • Reply by eddy
  • Queensland, Australia
T ( traction code ) 237 = Brake: Semi-actuation signals not compatible

No idea what it means or how to fix, not had this error on a Linde yet, sorry.

Might be worth checking the microswitches & the brake cables on the brake valve block.
  • Posted 11 Oct 2011 18:16
  • Reply by Forkingabout
  • england, United Kingdom

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