Crown RD3000:
Drive fault Crown 30RDTT240 s/n: 1A138370R

Hi guys,

Just wondering if someone could help me out with a drive fault on this crown? I have a tech working on site away from workshop on the unit. My knowledge on these trucks is very limited. He is saying when the direction handle is moved forward nothing happens until handle about halfway through forward motion then the truck lunges forward then codes out with a 53 error code, truck stops. This is also happening when moving handle into reverse or truck first direction the truck lunges in truck first direction and codes out with a 49 error code and stops. He has fitted a new potentiometer to handle thinking this may have been the fault it hasn't fixed the fault. What do the error codes mean? Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Kind Regards
  • Posted 3 Apr 2018 12:23
  • Discussion started by Brett_K
  • Queensland, Australia
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Hey 1Crusader,

Thanks very much for your reply mate. Much appreciated. Will see how we go ???? I haven't had much to do with the Crown electrics. So am a little in the dark on this one. I mainly play with petrol/LPG and diesel IC trucks....Thank you again.

Kind Regards
  • Posted 4 Apr 2018 17:46
  • Reply by Brett_K
  • Queensland, Australia
30RDTT GE EV100lx system Code 53 and 49 Follow the link to online Info for this system.
  • Posted 4 Apr 2018 04:29
  • Reply by 1Crusader
  • California, United States
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