Hyster S30A:
Continental Y112 rebuild question

I am working on rebuilding the Continental Y112 out of my 74 Hyster S30. Long story short, I lent it out to a neighbor and got it back not working things escalated all the way to a full engine recondition. New pistons, rings, rod bearings, main bearings, etc, etc etc. I am having some trouble though as the front main bearing/thrust bearing seems as if someone had their hands in it before. I was hoping someone could give some help here. The front bearing upper half (block side) has flanges for the thrust face, the lower does not. There were shims or bearings in place between the thrust faces and the crank, unfortunately those shims disappeared after the stuff came back from wash. No where to be found, and I am now stuck trying to figure this out.

There seems to be two distinct thrust systems in these engines, one where the thrust flanges are built into the bearing shell and the endplay is somehow controlled (no clear understanding on how this works), one where the thrust comes from bronze washers that are placed on both sides of the main bearing and there are shims on the crank to set the proper endplay. My engine had the shell with thrust faces, however there is.035 of endplay without any shims or anything. I wound up sourcing the plain shell bearing with thrust washers and adjustment shims.

The question; the bronze bearings have holes in them as if they are to be pinned somehow. Is this correct? The Hyster manual shows a pin but gives no information about it, all the red head and other manuals I find barely show anything. Does anyone out there have any information about the thrust bearings for this engine?
  • Posted 18 Jan 2023 09:10
  • Discussion started by tom206_t
  • California, United States

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