Hyster H300XL:
Autoshift, air shifter transmission problem

Is anyone here familiar with the electric/air operated autoshift system for the three speed transmission? It has a monotrol and electric range shifter. The controller has been bypassed and is running through the bypass connector. I am suspecting the shifter as well as the air solenoids. In 1 it won't move, in all other gear selections it is in second I think, maybe third.
I am trying to understand how the system works and I have a couple of questions. Is the shifter supposed to feed power to either the first or the second gear solenoids one at a time or does it engage both solenoids in first? This one powers both solenoids in first and then the cylinder doesn't move the spool far enough to engage first. If I only engage first gear solenoid (leave second disconnected) then low works. Same thing if I only engage second then I have second and it seems like it defaults to third if neither solenoid is powered.
I also have a question/ problem with the air solenoids. There is a little petcock on the side of the air solenoids. If it is open, then the air spool will shift as I described above. If I close the petcock (it was closed initially) the air cylinder doesn't shift, solenoids just click. Seems like air can't exhaust. Does it sound like a something is plugged in the air solenoids? If so, could that be causing the shifter issue above that I thought was electrical or do I have two problems? Any help is appreciated.
  • Posted 1 Jun 2017 14:55
  • Discussion started by kjjfry
  • Alberta, Canada
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I think mine's is different.. I can be reach at smithbayca at yahoo
  • Posted 8 Nov 2017 10:29
  • Modified 8 Nov 2017 10:30 by poster
  • Reply by danny_j
  • California, United States
You can. I'll tell you what I know but it's not much. I'm not a hyster tech, just got thrown into this one. Mine had an air cylinder mounted to the shift spool. Yours may be different.
  • Posted 8 Nov 2017 06:31
  • Reply by kjjfry
  • Alberta, Canada
I will like to speak to you.. can I gave you my phone number or e mail.

where the air cylinder pack located ?
  • Posted 8 Nov 2017 05:38
  • Reply by danny_j
  • California, United States
Hey, sorry for the late reply. In my case the air plumbing was backward in one side of the air cylinder. From what I remember, proper operation is: no power to the solinoids, it should go to third ( air cylinder extended). One solinoid gets power and retracts one side of the air cylinder for second, both solinoids get power and fully retract the cyl. for first. I assume you have already bypassed the shift controller. Check the solinoids and that the exhaust isn't plugged. Check that the air cylinder is working right. Hope it helps.
  • Posted 1 Nov 2017 05:43
  • Reply by kjjfry
  • Alberta, Canada
did you get your forklift fixed as yet. I have one that have a similar problem.. H300
the 1st gear is 2nd gear
2nd gear is first and 3rd gear is normal.

not sure where to start and its driving me nuts. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Posted 26 Oct 2017 09:05
  • Reply by danny_j
  • California, United States

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