Hyster H2.50XM:
2001 year model gas machine not starting

Hello everybody, this machine did not want to start, it does have a full gas cylinder of LP Gas and there is spark at the spark plugs. I gave the machine a compression test and number 1 cylinder gave me 180, but number 2/3/4 gave me a compression reading of between 55 to 80.
Thus knowing it had a compression problem or maybe leaking cylinder head valves, my client then sent the machine to an engineering business and they honed the cylinders and fitted a new set of rings and reconditioned the cylinder head. The combination LP gas regulator was reconditioned by another forklift company and they fitted a new kit into it as well, still the forklift will not start on LP gas, but it will run with a rag dipped in petrol, it is as if the gas is not coming through the regulator, I did check this by placing the outlet hose from the regulator into a glass of water to see if the gas was coming through as well, but nothing could be seen or smelt, I also checked to see if there was a switch to press or move for the machine to run on petrol, however this machine has only been running on LP gas. I cannot see any fuel pick up hoses from the fuel tank. There is this rec-angular plastic tank that has a hose coming from the engine carberator and then the other outlet hose goes to the regulator, If I blow into the hose that goes into the regulator, I can feel air coming out through the carb. somebody told me that this machine needs a vacumn from the engine to open the regulator, on the regulator there are two solinoids and the guy at the engineering told me that he pout power onto both of them and this did not make any difference. Any ideas would be appreciated of what to check next, thanks friends.
  • Posted 11 Oct 2017 07:30
  • Discussion started by Africa
  • Eastern Cape, South Africa
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