Hyster S35XL:
1984 Hyster S35XL - need wiring and cooling system diagrams/schematics

I picked up a used forklift for my shop. Serial number included below in my sig. I think it is a 1984. Mazda engine running on LP.

History is unknown but whoever had it was NOT a whiz with wiring. Many splices and shortcuts. I have a local shop that has been great with helping me order spare parts, but they can't/won't find a wiring diagram for me. I have a new alternator, coil, and voltage regulator. Most of the original wire harness for the regulator is intact and I have plugged in what I can, but there has been some splicing done and I have a few wires left that I want to be sure to terminate properly. Any pictures or schematics you can provide would help a ton.

Also, I went through the cooling system with rebuilt rad, new water pump, new hoses, and new overflow bottle. The old overflow bottle only had a hose going into the top of it from the fill neck of the rad. The bottom fitting on the bottle had no hose on it but it was clogged up with crud so the fluid never leaked out. Any pointers on where to run the overflow hoses to/from? I haven't found a "re-entry" point for the overflow into the cooling system. Was wondering if the bottom of the bottle should be fed from the top of the rad and then the top of the bottle just be sent to the ground?

Thanks so much!
  • Posted 2 May 2017 06:45
  • Discussion started by IceRacer
  • Wisconsin, United States
Hyster S35XL
LP fuel
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as far as the "overflow" bottle, it is a "coolant recovery system, where the fluid that exits the cooling system due to 'temperature expansion' (blow off from the radiator cap when hot/warm) goes into the plastic bottle, and when the engine cools down, is the same amount of coolant fluid is returned to the system when it cools down, both egress and exit from the cooling system are through the neck of the radiator and the past the pressure relief cap.
the local dealer should be able to provide you with the wiring diagram. it may not be all that much help, since there are likely to be 'magic boxes of smoke and mirrors' with names that may not instantly explain the boxes functions, however these trucks are pretty simple.
  • Posted 6 May 2017 22:43
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"

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