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Machinery-onQ Listings
Toyota 02-5FD35
  • Toyota02-5FD35
  • 1994 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 6,750
  • TCMFD40Z2
  • 1981 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 4,750
Grove MZ82C
  • GroveMZ82C
  • 1998 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 12,750
Linde H30D01
  • LindeH30D01
  • 2011 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 8,500
Komatsu FD30T14
  • KomatsuFD30T14
  • 2000 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 5,750
Nissan FGJ02A30U
  • NissanFGJ02A30U
  • 1998 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 4,750
Denyo DCA400ESM
  • DenyoDCA400ESM
  • 2006 | Used - Sale
  • Japan
Denka DL21
  • DenkaDL21
  • 2008 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 16,500
Denyo DCA400ESM
  • DenyoDCA400ESM
  • 2007 | Used - Sale
  • Japan
Mitsubishi FD35A
  • MitsubishiFD35A
  • 1998 | Used - Sale
  • Netherlands
  • EUR 5,250
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Stuart Taylor: Do your staff need conversion training?
Stuart Taylor explains how to get more out of your training budget while staying safe and compliant.
15 Apr 2020
Stuart Taylor: First things first
Stuart Taylor highlights three vital steps managers must take before authorising a new driver to operate a forklift on site.
16 Oct 2019
Stuart Taylor: Do operators need to wear seatbelts?
Seatbelt use is a contentious issue for forklift operators, so Stuart Taylor looks at the key assumptions.
26 Jun 2019
Stuart Taylor: The UK forklift licence myth
With Brexit looming and competition for skilled labour set to intensify, it’s vital that you understand how to check your new starters’ skills to ensure only safe, trained workers operate on your site, according to Stuart Taylor.
13 Mar 2019
Stuart Taylor: L117 - Your definitive, must-read guide to compliant forklift training & more...
When you’re busy juggling daily challenges, responsibilities and KPIs, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and fundamental priorities like safety, compliance and profitability. For managers, however, help is at hand from the HSE. Stuart Taylor introduces readers to the UK’s definitive guide to forklift safety and training – L117 – and explains why no manager should be without it.
17 Oct 2018
Stuart Taylor: How long should forklift training take?
When it comes to training for your forklift operators, how much time is enough? Stuart Taylor examines the balancing act facing managers and offers guidance on ensuring that you get the best value from your training budget, while making best use of everyone’s time.
9 Aug 2018
Stuart Taylor: Three is the magic number
Overlooking the three required elements of forklift training can come at a heavy cost, as Stuart Taylor explains.
15 Mar 2018
Stuart Taylor: Start as you mean to go on
Taking on additional staff can mean taking on additional risk, according to Stuart Taylor.
17 Jan 2018
Stuart Taylor: Forklift refresher training
Fleet managers often ask how often companies should refresh their forklift operators’ skills to comply with the law. Stuart Taylor explains there are guidelines but, ultimately, it comes down to company policy.
17 May 2017
Stuart Taylor: Are you at risk of complacency creep?
Training isn’t enough, especially when staff do the same thing over and over again, warns Stuart Taylor .
1 Mar 2017
Stuart Taylor: Confirm your operator’s credentials
A recent case has highlighted the vital need for employers to thoroughly check and assess new employees’ forklift training and skills before they get behind the wheel of a truck, according to Stuart Taylor .
2 Nov 2016
Stuart Taylor: Take it to the top
Recent legislative changes have made many companies operating lift trucks in the UK more vulnerable than ever before. But, as Stuart Taylor explains, this exposure provides the ideal environment to influence culture at the highest level.
18 Aug 2016
Stuart Taylor : Championing forklift safety
Behind every success story is a strong leader – driving it forward – and safety improvements are certainly no exception, according to Stuart Taylor.
24 May 2016
Stuart Taylor: Forklift attachments - right tools, wrong skills?
Attachments have extended the uses of forklifts, but Stuart Taylor warns that care is needed when using them.
23 Feb 2016
Stuart Taylor: A site safer
Creating a safe environment is essential, and Stuart Taylor advises how to accommodate the dangers of forklifts in workplaces.
30 Jun 2015
Stuart Taylor: It’s not just saving lives – it’s saving money
Stuart Taylor believes safe materials handling is an essential part of cost control – and to prove it, he shows what an everyday accident truly costs.
2 Mar 2015
Stuart Taylor: Are productivity bonuses picking your pocket?
Stuart Taylor warns that cost-cutting and expedience carry significant risks.
26 Aug 2014