LoposAlert Forklift Safety Solution - Looking for distributors and dealers

- 21 Jul 2022 ( #1086 )
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Lopos, a European company in forklift safety, expands to meet customer demand. It seeks to find distributors and dealers in North America, Canada, Australia, Asia, Germany and France to serve their clients with the most precise, easy to use and easy to service 360° proximity warning solution.

LoposAlert is a proximity warning solution based on ultra-wideband technology that alerts pedestrians and drivers of forklifts when in close proximity. 

Thanks to our dynamic warning we are able to extend the warning range based on the speed and the direction of the forklift. Minimizing false alarms, while including the breaking distance for the operator. More information can be found on this blogpost.

Easy to use.

The solution consists of 3 components: an all-in-one beacon, the wearable and our dashboard. Making it very easy to install (less than 30 minutes) - see this video if you don’t believe us :)

Reducing the cost of service

Configurations, firmware updates and compliance reporting are done within a single online dashboard. This also means if a client wants a reconfiguration you can do this remotely, saving both time and money.

“The Lopos guys figured it out, they listened to customer needs and built a reliable solution that outperforms anything I’ve distributed in the past. Also they are responsive, supportive and on topic. This allows me to strengthen my existing customer relationships and become more relevant. Patrick S. CEO Worldwide Lopos distributor”

Who is Lopos? 

The Lopos team is a spin-off from the Ghent (Belgium) University and ID Lab where they combine 25 years of technical experience using different radio signals to offer smart proximity detection and warning solutions.


More information can be found at Lopos

You can also directly contact our head of Partnerships: 

Peter Van Roosbroeck: send an email 


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