Revel Lithium Batteries Powering the Future

Thursday, 17 September 2020 ( #992 )
Amp up your productivity Increasing productivity is a top priority. When there are goods to move, there's no time to waste worrying if your forklifts have enough energy to do the job. Revel batteries are the perfect go-to for power hungry applications. They are specifically designed to perform in high-intensity, multi-shift environments. Lithium batteries charge faster, work harder, last longer and are virtually maintenance free. What does that mean for business? Fewer replacement batteries. No need for expensive and intrusive battery changes. Lower labor costs. Less downtime. And consistent performance without a voltage drop especially in high and heavy load applications. With Revel batteries your power source is steady, non-disruptive and dependable. All of this translates into moving more pallets per hour. In addition, a Revel battery offers a few things the competition can't.
  • It's Smart All batteries include cloud-based, real-time monitoring to measure overall health of the battery. Status alerts go directly to the fleet manager for added peace of mind. Data is accumulated and aggregated for purposes of predictive analytics for maintenance and longevity.
  • It's Economic You'll find the Revel battery competitively priced even with important features like telematics, on-board operator monitor, dynamic warranty, low service burden and full equipment integration. We offer an all-inclusive package price with no hidden "add-ons". Our drop-in batteries integrate with all major OEM equipment including Toyota, Crown, Raymond, and NACCO.
  • It's Tough Our experience in material handling dictates the design and performance of the battery, not the other way around. Thatâ??s why we chose to put our battery through UL testing. Revel batteries passed all the uncompromising scrutiny of UL standard 2580 to achieve the highest protection and safety standard.
  • It's Safe We chose a prismatic cell design, which is the safest cell for use in forklift applications. It incorporates double and triple fail-safe features such as a cell design with a patented blow off valve. UL testing ensures all batteries have redundant fail safes built in and are designed to work in rigorous forklift applications.
Engineered for Peak Performance Revel batteries are designed and developed by lifelong material handling equipment experts. Our founders have over 100 years in the forklift world, uniquely positioning us to understand how the battery integrates with the equipment and the operators. Most lithium forklift batteries are developed by battery manufacturers whose product development approach is strictly from a concept/design/build perspective. They built a battery then found an application. Revel considers additional components like how the operator will interface with the product. How easy is it to do field repair by a forklift technician? How can the design of our battery, working in conjunction with the forklift and operator, help avoid downtime? With Revel, you don't just buy a drop-in replacement battery. You buy a company with an impressive pedigree in the forklift and material handling industry. You buy a suite of services that provide you what you need to get up and running and to stay operating at a maximum level including:
  • Precise sizing of the battery to your equipment and application
  • Determining the quickest ROI for your operation
  • Training and support
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Accurately calibrating battery to charger
  • Cloud based Telematics
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