Rocla announces new AGV FleetController

Thursday, 9 July 2020 ( #982 )
Rocla has worked to provide automated guided vehicles (AGVs) throughout the Americas for over a year, and is now proud to announce the addition of the all new Rocla Fleetcontroller to its line. FleetController is a flexible platform that connects all components needed for efficient and optimized AGV operations. Traditionally much of the AGV routing logic has been managed by the warehouse management system, leading to extensive integration with the system controller. In the renewed FleetController architecture, the integration requirements are much lighter. This means savings of time and money in system implementation and modernization. Optimize your operations:
  • Dynamic vehicle route optimization
  • Optimized orders and prioritized transports
  • Simplified integration
  • Uninterrupted performance
  • Increased capacity of the existing system
FleetController comes with a Dashboard, a completely new tool for monitoring, optimizing, and problem solving AGV operations. The Dashboard can also be implemented as a stand-alone extension to legacy AGV system controllers.
The all new Dashboard will help to monitor operations and improve efficiency through:
  • Enhanced fleet monitoring in real time
  • Transport and buffer status to understand bottlenecks
  • Operational insight for root-cause problem solving
  • Connectivity with cloud and communication with remote support
To find out how FleetController can help you monitor, manage and maintain your AGV fleet, visit our website and watch our informational video here.
For more information, please contact: Rocla AGV Solutions 240 N Prospect St, Marengo, IL 60152 Send an email Social Media: Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter