TREX.PARTS goes export

Thursday, 9 January 2020 ( #956 )
Spanish-born Thomy Quirce-Dominguez has been with TREX.PARTS since October, to lead the joint venture to success outside Germany as well. He told us about his role at TREX.PARTS.

Thomy, how did you start at TREX.PARTS in October?

A year ago, a former colleague told me about TREX.PARTS and encouraged me to apply. After a relaxed discussion with the responsible manager at TREX.PARTS, the idea and vision of the company finally convinced me.

What tasks do you have at TREX.PARTS?

Since I know the market very well, I have a dual function in sales, both in the office and in the field. On the one hand, I take care of establishing the contact with potential new customers worldwide, their subsequent support, contract negotiations and, if necessary, initial orders. On the other hand I support the product management with information about suppliers and also during the initial process of contacting. In this way, I help to successfully include more product groups in our portfolio.

Which countries are you responsible for?

I concentrate on the entire European market. However, we also started already in South America and Asia.

Is the TREX.PARTS concept also well received in other countries?

Above all, the Southern European market functions quite differently from the usual German market. Here you are rather conservative and the personal relationship is often more decisive for a business relationship than price or availability.

I am convinced that this complex process will become increasingly successful in the future as TREX.PARTS grows.

What sets TREX.PARTS apart from its competitors?

TREX.PARTS offers a very good and, above all, long-awaited alternative on the until now absolutely monopolistic market for spare parts for industrial trucks. We can make the daily ordering process easier for our customers all over the world and with the expansion of our OES program we can also offer attractive conditions. With the possibility to choose independently between different product qualities, we offer a further decisive advantage.

What goals has TREX.PARTS set itself for future export work?

International sales will make us better known far beyond German borders, so that we will soon be able to establish ourselves as one of the global players on the spare parts market. This is what every customer counts for - especially outside Germany.

For more information, please contact:

Tel: +49 4282 634905050
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