Atlas Weighing Appoints New US Agent

Thursday, 28 October 2004 ( #181 )
Atlas Weighing, manufacturers of the popular Compuload range of "on board" weighing scales, are pleased to announce that a new US-based agent has been appointed. Accurate Weighing Systems (AWS) have experience in this field and are expected to be a valuable sales outlet for the Compuload. Compuload weighing systems have proven over the years to be extremely reliable and accurate. New data storage software is constantly being developed to suit various needs. The latest of these is the container weighing software. This allows up to six fields to be entered and stored. New Zealand-based company "Pacific Forum Line" "The Freight Station" use this system to transfer in real time, weight together with cubic dimensions, freight identification, rack location date and time to a central PC. The information is used to determine the container requirements and destination. Collex Waste also use this system in Sydney Australia at their new waste transfer terminal to co-ordinate container movement to the disused Woodlawn mine dump site. Each container is weighed with the Compuload as it is loaded and again as it is removed from the train. Both the rail car and container numbers are recorded. All stored information can be printed with the optional "on board' printer as the loading takes place. AWS expect the Compuload range of weighing systems to become a valuable asset to their existing range and will be offering it to freight and container terminals throughout the US. AWS website or will provide further information. Email: