Are your lift trucks telling you how they are doing?

Thursday, 19 September 2013 ( #634 )
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TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting service enables you to track the real usage of your lift trucks through a remote connection. It provides you with an online view and periodic PDF reports that illustrate the actual use of your lift trucks, making it a great tool for scheduling your lift truck fleet's maintenance actions and consequently improving the fleet's uptime.

TRUCONNECT® remote services by Konecranes / Lift trucks

Konecranes TRUCONNECT® is a suite of Remote Service products ranging from periodic data reporting to real-time diagnostics, technical support and production monitoring.

A condition monitoring unit collects operating and usage data and transmits it to the Konecranes Remote Data Center through a mobile connection. The information is organized, analyzed and compiled into online reports.

You will get 24/7 access to our password-protected Customer Portal for online views and reports, consisting of information on lift truck usage, as well as issues detected related to production efficiency and possible safety concerns. The service is available as an annual subscription.

Track the efficiency of your fleet

Get a clear view of your fleet's efficiency by tracking the peak and average fuel consumption. With TRUCONNECT® you know when your lift trucks have been in use, idling or off-duty. The reports include:
  • Safety alerts
  • Machine status
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Average fuel consumption per lifted load
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Traveling distance
  • Average traveling speed
  • Load spectrum
  • Total load lifted
Increase the safe usage of your lift trucks

With TRUCONNECT® you can optimize your lift truck operations by identifying where operator training could improve the safety and productivity of your work site. You can access the information log on detected safety-related issues:
  • Engine coolant temperature too high
  • Drop in engine oil pressure
  • Transmission overheating
  • Container lifting alarm
Plan your maintenance management with more PRECISION

The usage information helps you to improve the transparency of your lift truck fleet's maintenance operations by forecasting the estimated maintenance date from the actual usage. You get information that helps you to allocate your maintenance resources with increased confidence and precision, based on:
  • Usage (driving hours)
  • Next maintenance counter
Increase your safety and productivity with TRUCONNECT®

Get more out of your lift trucks with TRUCONNECT ® Remote Monitoring and Reporting by increasing your productivity with three distinct benefits:
  • Visibility on the productive use of your truck fleet
  • Safer lift truck usage
  • Better maintenance planning
Upcoming features
  • Driver list (optional feature for selected countries)
  • Safety alerts sent to customer via email or SMS

We are continuously developing this service. See our webpage for future updates in your region.

For further information, please contact:

Lotta Tagesson, Marketing Specialist, Konecranes Lift Trucks
E-mail: Send an email
Phone +46 433 735 01, mobile: +46 72 517 35 01

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