Crown WAV50-118:
WAV50 completely dead

I bought the unit used from an auction, so you get what you get! I bought the unit to work in my personal shop, trying to eliminate me crawling on ladders ;-). I plugged it in for a charge and it completed it's cycle. There seems to be no life when I turn on the key. After searching this forum, I checked the connections in the front panel, checked the fuses up there as well. I get 24.5 volts total on the batteries which seems low. When I turn on the key, nothing happens, no click of the solenoid, no hour meter etc. Totally dead. When I jump the solenoid in the battery compartment, I get some action. I can release the brakes, hour meter works, panel lights up. No movement of the platform of wheels. As I said, I get just over 24 volts from the batteries, but when I engage the solenoid, I get 20-21 volts on the other side of the solenoid. I presume that maybe my batteries have run their course. Before I replace them though, would bad batteries give me these symptoms? Looking for a few answers before I spend too much money on this auction Princess. Thanks. Matt
  • Posted 22 Sep 2020 22:33
  • Discussion started by matt_haasen
  • Alberta, Canada
Matt Haasen
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A bit of an update. Winner to Justus in Finland on the solenoid suggestion and the unit is operating. A new solenoid is on order, but if I tap the current one, I am getting by.

Another question (and maybe I should post it new). I don't think my speed switch (turtle/rabbit) is working. It feels like it is moving in rabbit mode in either setting. Other than buying this thing for my personal shop, I have no history running one, so I am unsure how 'slow' turtle mode actually is. Thanks
  • Posted 7 Oct 2020 06:53
  • Reply by matt_haasen
  • Alberta, Canada
Matt Haasen
Check the emergency switches (2 emergency switches) and the fuse socket And check all socket (left and right hand).
  • Posted 7 Oct 2020 06:48
  • Modified 7 Oct 2020 06:59 by poster
  • Reply by Dziadzia
  • Torowa, Poland
Solenoid is doesent connect well....measure resistance.
  • Posted 22 Sep 2020 23:05
  • Reply by Justus
  • Finland

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