Kalmar DCE120:
transmission issue

This unit has an APC 200 installed. Truck will not move. When the truck is turned on the APC displays "S.d.n.0." and the truck will not move. Does anyone know what the code stands for?
also when you just turn the key should the display show what position your shifter is in?

  • Posted 6 Mar 2020 07:34
  • Discussion started by littlespark
  • Pennsylvania, United States
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I think i have a similar issue as yours, just that my APC does not come on. I have checked all the fuses and relays, and non seems to be bad. I have tried the APC on another equipment, it worked. But on it on equipment, it not coming on, what do you think the problem would likely be?
Thanks I'll try disconnecting plug on tranny and see what happens.
  • Posted 7 Mar 2020 07:01
  • Reply by littlespark
  • Pennsylvania, United States
I don't have that error in my list of fault codes.
The controllers are in my experience usually reliable.
It maybe a software issue in the controller as this code isn't in any of my information.
It maybe worth disconnecting the plug on the transmission and see if you get different codes displayed, it may indicate if the APC200 has an internal fault.
  • Posted 7 Mar 2020 02:41
  • Reply by steven_w
  • Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
What can possibly go wrong?....
Good afternoon Steve

thank you, yes that does help as to why the unit doesn't travel. I did knew how to pull the error message it came as "34.06" which I could not find in the error code list. The other thing that threw me was I thought if this was an active code it would be blinking. The code is showing solid and not blinking. would the issue be external to the controller because getting a new from Kalmar is a chore in it self plus I hate to incur an unnecessary cost to for the customer.

thanks again
  • Posted 7 Mar 2020 02:25
  • Reply by littlespark
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Sd n0 means shut down neutral (gear)0.
The controller has "seen" something it doesn't like and shut down.
Press the M button and scroll to the err on the display (error), then press the S button to read off the codes.
Hope this helps,
  • Posted 7 Mar 2020 01:44
  • Reply by steven_w
  • Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
What can possibly go wrong?....

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