Toyota 7FBCU525:
Toyota hour meter not working. 7FBCHU25

Ok, I have a couple issues here. Looking for a little help. First, I am looking for which option that needs changing to allow simultaneous traveling and material handling when out of demo mode. I am forced to leave it in demo mode for that reason. Which leads to my next question: the hour meter has stopped working. It is at 20241 hours and neither it or the odometer are advancing any more. This is a lift that is run several hours each day so I know it should be building up hours. Is the hour meter/ odometer solely controlled by the multi function display or is there somewhere else I can check to get these two things back to working. I am ready to replace the display, but I wanted to check here first to see if I should be looking elsewhere.
  • Posted 21 Nov 2013 00:37
  • Discussion started by Kyle123
  • United States
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Is the display showing "pm" on it and not showing the correct time after charging? There is a battery in the display that dies and has to be replaced sometimes. It sounds like it is out of demo mode because you can travel and lift at the same time. If you have 20,000 hrs on it the hour meter had to started already also. It sounds like you have other issues.
  • Posted 23 Nov 2013 12:36
  • Reply by rogeriwt
  • Massachusetts, United States
I have the procedure to enter the service function screen and I can take it out of demo mode (option set #1). But once I do that I lose the ability to travel and lift at the same time. Also, when in the service function screens, I can have it out of dealer mode and try to change option set #2 (hour meter start) and it will not allow me to scroll over to select the yes option. We have had the truck since it was new in 2003. It already has 20,000 some hours logged on the meter but it has stopped and no longer counts hours or miles. Could this be an issue with the display going bad?
  • Posted 21 Nov 2013 22:19
  • Reply by Kyle123
  • United States
It has to be done through the display. How long have you had the truck? It should have been done when you purchased it. You take it out of demo mode and start the hr meter. Post an e-mail and someone my have the procedure to send you.
  • Posted 21 Nov 2013 11:47
  • Reply by rogeriwt
  • Massachusetts, United States

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