Yale GLC035BCNNAS083:
Regulator freezing up

We seem to be having problems with our lift (Tons of them). Our biggest problem now is that the propane regulator is starting to freexe up. By that I mean there is so much frost on the regulator and hose that you can bearly touch it. When this happens the truck won't idle and goes dead and doesn't want to start. Yesterday the operator put a lamp on the regulator and warmed it up then it started and ran fine all day until this morning. I tried changing propane cylinders but to no avail.

The regulator is not that old. They never had problems until a guy came and said we needed a regulator. As soon as he put it on it started freezing up all the time. Then it was fine for a couple of months. now it's starting to do it again.
To my knowledge this is all the info iv'e got (Just started here a few months ago). Does anybody have any suggestions for me? It's like pulling teeth to try to get any help on-line or over the phone. I would sure appreciate some feedback.
  • Posted 20 Apr 2006 00:25
  • Discussion started by chuck
  • Pennsylvania, United States
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Check if both hoses to the regulator are warm. If not there may be a blockage at the intake manifold. One of our techs recently had a coolant hose blocked by a piece of gasket material possibly from a past waterpump or t-stat replacement. A frosted reg is almost always a coolant type issue.
  • Posted 1 Feb 2008 06:32
  • Reply by keith_r
  • Wisconsin, United States
check rubber hoses, sometimes they can swell inside restricting flow or kink where they make a bend but look OK on outside--check thermostat-might be stuck open or missing--if all that stuff is OK and its not the convertor--airlock is possible--fill system with coolant run with cap off till hot--install cap at first notch and run at half throttle for awwhile and remove slowly with rag on cap--this wiil burp any air
  • Posted 24 Jan 2008 14:13
  • Modified 24 Jan 2008 14:18 by poster
  • Reply by roadrat
  • North Carolina, United States
no coolant flow through the converter/regulator is a common problem with freezing up.
check for blockage in the lines, in the regulator itself, or in some rare cases the bypass circuit in the cooling system.
From my experience with Yale lifts its usually been a bad converter/regulator.
check the coolant level in the radiator

If you pull off the vapor supply line from the regulator to the carb and find gunk or coolant then thats a sign of bad things to come also.
  • Posted 12 Apr 2007 12:42
  • Modified 12 Apr 2007 12:43 by poster
  • Reply by Jplayer
  • North Carolina, United States
John Player Jr
LiftOne, LLC
Charlotte, NC
Email: jplayer@liftone.net
Bad LP is not likely; LP fuel is not as clean as it used to be, you may find contamination inside the LP regulator which will affect the operation of the LP regulator and operation of the engine. Another possibility could be, the LP bottle might have a problem but that would be supply which would not cause the freeze up problem. I think you have a coolant supply problem to the LP regulator.
  • Posted 20 Apr 2006 07:03
  • Reply by cownd
  • Arizona, United States
thanks for the list of things to check. I hope that helps me to take care of the problem. I wonder if we had a cylinder of bad gas if that would cause a similar problem? Just because it was fine for months and then started acting up out of the blue.
  • Posted 20 Apr 2006 05:42
  • Reply by chuck
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Chuck; an LP regulator is designed to be heated by using coolant from the engine. You must have coolant flow from the cooling system to the LP regulator. Any restriction in flow could cause the LP regulator to freeze. Some of the basic things to check would be.
1. Proper engine coontant level
2. Coolant flow from the water pump to the LP regulator back to the engine.
3. There might be an air lock in the coolant hose or the LP regulator.
4. There may also be an air lock inside the LP regulator.
5. In order to clear the system of this potenial air lock; slightly open the coolant hoses to and from the LP regulator until all the air is released. Be careful the fluid may be hot.
I may have missed a few items but this would be the basic's for this kind of problem. If you have an engine overheating problem along with the LP regulator freeze you may have a worn water pump or restricted radiator causing reduced flow to the engine and LP regulator.
  • Posted 20 Apr 2006 04:38
  • Reply by cownd
  • Arizona, United States

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