Komatsu FG25T-14:
No start

Hello, i have a Komatsu FG25t-14 with a K21 Nissan engine-customer called for a no start, got to facility and unit started and ran-after 2-4 min idle changed, shut it off and would not re-start-checked fuel and ign system and found coils not firing (have + & - at the proper wires) which tells me ECU is not sending signal to coils. Tried the pedal dance till I wore holes in my shoe,(btw I am fairly proficient in the pedal dance) no diag port found. i suspect crank sensor. Is there any other way to try and read the codes on this unit? I don't want to start parts changing. Thanks for any help.
  • Posted 16 Aug 2022 01:26
  • Discussion started by BATT
  • Michigan, United States
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I have tore the entire dash section apart, looking for the standard (or other) OBDII port-I do not see one. I have the Hittachi reader w/ Nissan software.
The cup holder in this unit is molded in to the dash (non removable)
  • Posted 16 Aug 2022 21:40
  • Reply by BATT
  • Michigan, United States
under the cup holder should be a OB2 connector. you can pull codes from it. Need a euro OB2 reader.
  • Posted 16 Aug 2022 06:05
  • Reply by grant_c
  • Manitoba, Canada

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