Crown WAV50-118:
No lower

Wav50 will not lower. No codes shown. Tried both platform and base switches. Have no power to sv1 when switches are depressed. Tried jumping db11 pins 4 & 5...nothing. It raises without issue. Any help is appreciated.
  • Posted 23 Mar 2022 07:07
  • Discussion started by marcos_m
  • California, United States
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Try to adjust chains below the motor cover may be a chain switch be activated and see if some of the cover switches are activated also. if somethink like that occurs the lower function remain deactivated. try those and will see what next.
  • Posted 8 Feb 2023 20:45
  • Reply by Fanis
  • Greece
sounds to me that you have a gate switch problem which will cause the issue you describe bearing in mind that you checked bypassed the lowering button and that you have done a continuety check on mast cable wires
  • Posted 31 Jan 2023 20:56
  • Reply by skyreach
  • Victoria, Australia
reach for the sky
Hi, have recently experienced similar issues.
How did you get on repairing?
1 st incidence we was due to oil not coming back out of lift cylinder until we removed the velocity fuse / anti drop valve / safety valve.
Replaced the velocity fuse and truck appears ok.
This is the first time I have come across a velocity fuse that stops the descent / oil 100%. This I believe explains why the platform will no lower at all once the platform is at 100% lift height and the velocity fuse has tripped, (line pressure holding valve shut).
Previously all velocity fuses on forklifts I have seen have a controlled lowering rate once the velocity fuse is tripped / activated.
2nd incidence of wave stuck in the air is happening today, see what results??
  • Posted 31 Jan 2023 08:45
  • Reply by ralf
  • New South Wales, Australia
Have a go and if you do, do your best if you can.

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