Hyster H60XL:
No forward or reverse

I have a H60-xl-military that I bought through surplus. The paper work that was with it indicated that the brake didn't work, sure enough the brake where down and I fixed that. Everything else works great except the tranny.

Its an auto tranny, the fluid is full and pink, and doesnt smell burned. There is no park brake lockout on this model (that I can find) and the declutch on the LH brake pedal is hooked up and seems to actuate the valve body correctly.

Its been setting for while (last known operation was at least 2006) and its cold outside. So I thought that maybe it needed warmed up, so I let it set and idle for a couple hours......made no difference.

Am I missing a lockout somewhere? Anyone have similar problems and a solution?
  • Posted 15 Feb 2010 06:06
  • Discussion started by corey_h
  • Oklahoma, United States
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That sounds right, I pulled the tranny out because I didnt really know what I was getting into, the next time I'll leave it in and only pull the engine. Your right, with the bellhousing removed the clutch assemblies are right there.
  • Posted 17 Sep 2011 09:23
  • Reply by corey_h
  • Oklahoma, United States
my apologies Corey. The motor still has to come out but that can be done with a comalong and chain. Once the motor is out you can remove the bell housing from the tranny thus by exposing the output shaft and clutch assembly. Depending on which tranny you have th output shaft assy should come right out.
  • Posted 17 Sep 2011 06:07
  • Reply by mark_l
  • Georgia, United States
I don't understand, the end of the tranny has to come off so in order to do that either the engine has to come out or the mast and diff maybe I'm overlooking the obvious.
  • Posted 17 Sep 2011 04:51
  • Reply by corey_h
  • Oklahoma, United States
Corey actually you dont have to pull cab or tranny to rebuild the transmission. Depending upon where your oil filter is at you
actually can access the clutch and clucth barrel thus leaving the tranny in place
  • Posted 17 Sep 2011 03:56
  • Reply by mark_l
  • Georgia, United States
Pull the transmission drain plug and check the screen that is behind it, mine was clogged full of clutch plate material. Cleaning it allowed the transmission to start working again but not long after that I had to pull the tranny and replace the clutches.

Over time the clutches get brittle and break off the backing plate and they clock up the pickup screen. The plates are easy to replace but getting the tranny out is a chore, I had to pull the cab and the engine out to do mine.
  • Posted 16 Sep 2011 21:43
  • Reply by corey_h
  • Oklahoma, United States
Have you got ths lft working?
I just bought a H40XL on gov liquidaton, it went right into gear for the first 2- min. then it acted like t was starting to slip. How did you get yours fixed
  • Posted 16 Sep 2011 13:53
  • Reply by scott_a
  • Kansas, United States
Corey, If your not pulling in forward or reverse then you have a pressure loss somewhere-Theres a strainer in the bottom of the tranny in which you can remove and clean. If that doesnt fix it you have a trans pump problem. Also, make sure the inchin spool is coming all the way back out of the inchin valve. More likely it will be the strainer because of it setting up so long
  • Posted 12 Mar 2010 12:46
  • Reply by mark_l
  • Georgia, United States

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