Yale GLCO50VX:
No Dash Display

The truck will not do anything as if the battery is dead, actually the horn does work but that's it. The battery has 12.4V, all fuses & relays test good, checked all connections at SVM. There is no voltage at plug to dash display and since I don't have a wiring diagram or schematic for this truck was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction to pinpoint the problem.
Model - glc050vxnvse094
Serial - a910v03216c

Thanks for any help,
  • Posted 3 Jul 2014 04:51
  • Discussion started by Dino54
  • Indiana, United States
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I think i got this forklift - was it at the auction in South Vienna Ohio?
If the display is the problem - will the machine crank over?
  • Posted 13 Apr 2024 10:47
  • Reply by RWyman
  • Ohio, United States
to bad i didnt see this forum earlier but your dash had failed. If all fuses good in PDM then dash failed. The dash is nonrepairable and is plug and play once it done setting itself up.
  • Posted 1 Aug 2014 15:46
  • Reply by YaleTechnician
  • California, United States
Just to follow up on the dash display problem, everything points to a bad display board. There is proper voltage and ground to the display, I removed and checked key switch operation but still nothing. The customer has decided to send the truck to auction so I guess I'll never be 100 % sure but with the document Kevin_T sent and some pointers from a yale service tech, that's the only conclusion I can come up with. I had more time on this truck than can be charged but it was definitely a learning experience.

Thanks for the help,
  • Posted 27 Jul 2014 03:11
  • Reply by Dino54
  • Indiana, United States
Dino did you find any information regarding your problem i have the same problem on our new yale forklift model GDP120DCP3630.
Dash guages have all stopped working and warning lights are flashing forklift works fine just dash board fault.
  • Posted 4 Jul 2014 01:51
  • Reply by JohnEG
  • EG, Equatorial Guinea
Thanks for the information Kevin, for future reference I'll post a follow up on what I found to be the problem.

Thanks again,
  • Posted 3 Jul 2014 08:14
  • Reply by Dino54
  • Indiana, United States
It's in there now, thanks.

  • Posted 3 Jul 2014 06:29
  • Reply by Dino54
  • Indiana, United States
Do you have a email to put in your profile?
  • Posted 3 Jul 2014 05:22
  • Reply by kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States

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