Hyster H50???:
Need to Identify Model and get manuals


I've just got an older H50 model Hyster. Its in great shape except for some stupid things done to it by previous owners that I would like to fix.

Its got all sorts of electrical problems, wires are a mess. I can easily repair this if I had a manual and wiring diagram.

Trouble is, all identifying tags have either been removed or painted over. I have no serial number for it and can't find one on the right frame near the weight where I'm told it should be.

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME IDENTIFY THE MODEL OF THIS MACHINE? So I can purchase a set of manuals for it.

Here is what I know:

It has a GM propane engine in it. Likely a 4-181

It looks like a H50J that I have seen in a picture.

It has a Monotrol foot peddle for forward and reverse.
(I got an H50J manual but the manual doesn't show a monotrol, I think mine could be newer than an H50J)

The only tag on it is a UL tag that says:
Type: LP
No: 669248
Plant: D

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

  • Posted 10 Aug 2018 00:09
  • Discussion started by jrs3
  • Pennsylvania, United States
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hi john,
actually that number does make sense. I've seen hyster and yale both stamp the serial number on the frame like this before, its not actually complete but for some reason they leave the 0's off of the prefix code. If i'm right the serial number should look more like this F003T1610G or possibly F003T01610G or F003T16100G on the dataplate (if there was still one on the truck).
Their serial numbers are usually 10 or 11 digits. (10 digits pre 2000 and 11 digits post 2000).
In either case this serial number does not come up in hysters database when i search it in hypass because it is too old, any truck made before 2000 was not included in their online database and quite a few machines post 2000 have had some manuals weeded out or some older manuals linked to newer truck models that still use the same systems, unsearchable by serial number but will still have some sort of reference in the model tree we use to find manuals for that series truck,(for what reason i don't know other than to free up space on their servers making room for current models data, maybe). Researching older model trucks can be a challenge on their site these days unfortunatly.

Anyway to be totally sure you would have to present this number to the dealership sales or parts departments so they could inquire with hyster mfg to see if they can find specific truck information such as build information (what was put on the machine when it was built. And good luck with that because i'm pretty sure since this truck is so old any dealer probably won't want to spend much time researching this, they will most likely try and steer you to buying a new model since everyone these days are drivien toward building revenue and profit. You may get lucky though and find that ONE person that would do it.

With that said based on this number you have with the prefix 0's added it does translate into a H50J or H50JS model, the prefix F003 designates this, the T means the truck was built in Toronto Canada (this plant has since been closed down). The numbers after the T is the number assigned to this unit making it the number truck built at that point. And the letter on the end , G is the year built, most current year is 2009, previous year with G assigned was 1986. I don't think they built a J or JS model back in 86 though so this is probably a 2009 model.

As for manuals? you'll have to request them from your dealer or go on hysters website and send in a request there.
I myself cannot give (or sell) them to you because of the DMCA and also this websites TOS.

I wish i could be more definitive on my information but this is the best i can come up with at the moment, if anyone else has any other info that would be more accurate please post it or verify mine.
  • Posted 12 Aug 2018 23:46
  • Modified 12 Aug 2018 23:49 by poster
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
No Data Plate.

Thank you Swoop223!

I found what I think is a serial number. It was totally filled in with paint, once sanded off, it was very readable.

Does F3T1610G make sense? It was on the top edge of the right frame, near the hood, about half way front-to-back, centered under the HYSTER logo in the hood.

If this is the serial number, what does it tell about this machine?

Thanks Again Swoop223!

  • Posted 12 Aug 2018 05:26
  • Reply by jrs3
  • Pennsylvania, United States
no dataplate?
serial numbers are usually stamped on the frame of the truck in a couple of different locations depending on the year and model.
older model S and H series units were usually stamped along the right hand side of the frame on the outside edge along where the floor plate is, you could also pull the floor plate to uncover where it might be stamped and covered up.
Then later on they moved the serial number stamp back along the right hand side of the hood area on top of the frame, so raise the hood and look along the edge where the hood sits on top of the frame area, probably along back where the overhead guard leg is.
I've also seen it stamped into the fender or along the front panel RH side between the mast and truck.
If the truck has been painted theres a chance it was painted over and not seen easily so some scraping might be in order to reveal it.
Older model serial numbers usually started with a letter followed by 6 numerical digits like so Nxxxxxx (example), later on they changed their serial number layout which is what you see now a letter, 3 digit numerical , a letter, then 5 or 6 numerical digits ending in a letter.
would look like this E177NXXXXXXL (is just an example)

just fyi, you wont find it stamped on the mast, those numbers are mast group numbers and other pertinant info for the mast only.
  • Posted 10 Aug 2018 21:56
  • Modified 10 Aug 2018 22:13 by poster
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
Do you have a serialnumber on the right side on the mast.
Example D578
  • Posted 10 Aug 2018 07:46
  • Reply by fredrik_g
  • Taby, Sweden

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