Hyster ??:
Looking for parts & service manual

Our LP gas Hyster has no tag and only a stamped serial number that is apparently is so old it doesn't come up on the parts charts for most suppliers.
We are looking for a parts & service manual to put in operation again.

The Hyster forklift cranks but wont kick over and start!

Any help will be considered!
  • Posted 20 Mar 2021 00:40
  • Discussion started by Tony_Canton
  • Florida, United States
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What is serial stamped in frame? we can help you
  • Posted 25 Mar 2021 16:48
  • Reply by Mike_Nossaman
  • Kansas, United States
We got it running! Changed spark plugs and she turned right over!

Thanks for the help!
  • Posted 24 Mar 2021 02:45
  • Reply by Tony_Canton
  • Florida, United States
Check to make sure it's getting fuel all the way to the throttle body. Take a plug it and see if it's sparking. You can get there manuals from any o or part dealer and online.
  • Posted 24 Mar 2021 01:11
  • Reply by Grant_Blum
  • Ohio, United States
Grant blum
D2D8605 is the only stamped numbers, but on right side near counterweight on side where hydraulic reservoir is located.
On the battery side of frame , we find no stamped numbers.
This particular number referenced above brings up a missing Letter at local Hyster dealers.

But thanks lifter01 for your contribution, we are a step closer as we continue with each inquiry!
  • Posted 21 Mar 2021 01:51
  • Reply by Tony_Canton
  • Florida, United States
We at least need a serial number to go on Tony. It will be stamped on the chassis near the battery. As for the serial number not coming up?? It will at hyster
  • Posted 20 Mar 2021 19:51
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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