E09-1 error

Another **** Toyota has this error and will not start at all. Driver was backing out of trailer and machine just shut off. It will crank but not start. I believe it has something to do with ignition but not quite sure. These Toyotas are getting to be a pain. At least it will be under warranty as 8 of 9 Toyotas have under 9000 hours and 3 are under 300 only. One of the new ones has this error code and i hate to call the dealer because they have poor service.Anyone know what this is? It's an 8FGCU25 Toyota with about 300 hours on it.
  • Posted 18 Apr 2012 01:49
  • Modified 18 Apr 2012 02:27 by poster
  • Discussion started by Rippasnortus
  • New Brunswick, Canada
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Cheers, this was super helpful. I would never had thought to check the grounding of the igniter.
  • Posted 12 Jun 2024 19:15
  • Reply by Fezzman
  • Queensland, Australia
Had one that was showing E 09-1 on a 8FGU25. Traced wiring, found all good. No spark to plugs. Found a loose mounting bolt on the igniter (just below the battery). Fired right off. Must need a good ground to fire.
  • Posted 10 Apr 2020 19:35
  • Reply by JimmieG
  • Oklahoma, United States
Jim Greenlee
What did the dealer say was wrong with the first truck? You may a harness issue. Some of those trucks had the harness rubbing by the fuse box and wires were grounding out causing erratic codes.
  • Posted 2 Nov 2012 10:47
  • Reply by rogeriwt
  • Massachusetts, United States
I have another one this morning with this error but it runs. The engine light is on and wrench is flashing. Driver on third shift says it shut off a few times. Looks like the dealer will be back yet again.
  • Posted 1 Nov 2012 21:42
  • Reply by Rippasnortus
  • New Brunswick, Canada
check the 2 wires at the distributor. One is power and the other is a signal wire. I bet one is broken.
  • Posted 18 Apr 2012 10:18
  • Reply by rogeriwt
  • Massachusetts, United States
Error means ignition signal error ,unstable engine speed
  • Posted 18 Apr 2012 04:17
  • Reply by nemanja_k
  • serbia, Serbia

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