Crown TSP6000:
Code 101

Had to drag this thing out of an aisle and back to the shop which wasn't fun by any standards. Code 101 troubleshooting following the Crown guide led to wiring checking out along with RES3 values at the CA703 plug to Access7 and the actual in-line resistor. Strangely enough not getting power to Access7. Confirmed Access1 and 7 are both good and I'm getting B+ and - to all modules other than 7. Swapped 1 and 7 to a known good lift to confirm. Found and replaced a blown fuse at the platform dist. board for FU14 but Access7 is still dead. Checked all fuses at both dist. boards and aside from 14 they're all good. New fuse is holding even though Access 7 is dead in this lift. Where else should I look to resolve this?
  • Posted 12 Nov 2021 12:06
  • Discussion started by Michael_Webb
  • North Carolina, United States
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Check mast cable two
  • Posted 7 May 2024 14:38
  • Reply by Wattscrowntech
  • California, United States
Chased through the harness from the platform dist. board up to Access7. Found the wire at CA701-8 going up to CA703-12 showed practically no resistance while CA701-7 going to CA703-12 showed 120-121 ohms. Both of these (7 and 8) connect to RES3 in the harness plug 703 going to Access7. So a potential break in the wire going from CA701-8 to CA703-12?
  • Posted 13 Nov 2021 12:20
  • Reply by Michael_Webb
  • North Carolina, United States
No idea why FU14 was blown, thought it was the cause for Access7 not working at first. I know what you mean about the codes, the guide states that Access5 CA402-4 and 5 showing excess of 120 ohms should replace Access5 but both the module and the connector showed the same resistance. This on top of CAN should be 60 ohms! After 8 hours elbow deep in this I called it a day. I'll look into what you recommeded, thanks for the info.
  • Posted 13 Nov 2021 08:07
  • Reply by Michael_Webb
  • North Carolina, United States
I will try to look more into this.
Why did FU14 blow?

Is the 101 code the only code that is coming up or is it the last of several? If Access 7 has no power then you will get a CAN error as well. If the lights on Access 7 are not lighting up I would check CA703-10 #2975 which is key switch pos and CA703-8 #569 which is batt neg and see if one is open. I have had error codes lead me astray many times because I failed to simply look and see what the truck was doing or not doing. Sometimes an error code is a by-product of another problem like when a module gets no power and then there are CAN error codes. Hope that helps.
  • Posted 12 Nov 2021 15:58
  • Modified 12 Nov 2021 16:12 by poster
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States

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