Crown RD5200:
Centre Handle Error

i have trouble when using the multifunctional handle (CROWN RD5200), at the same time Acess 1 Displays shown CENTRE HANDLE? and blinking lamp on Acess 3
Should i repair or replace the Multifunctional Control handle.
  • Posted 8 Oct 2016 13:44
  • Discussion started by dony_s
  • west java, Indonesia
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Handle could be getting stuck causing pot 1, pot two or optical switch to stay on. Start with the basics. Check pot 1, pot 2 and opticals. Lube the back of the handle, clean the opticals and calibrate the pots. Re-check and go from there. Good luck
  • Posted 13 May 2024 08:37
  • Reply by marcos_m
  • California, United States
I think its probably one of the optical sensors in the handle sticking on. Might be able to clean but will probably need to be replaced.
  • Posted 13 May 2024 07:26
  • Reply by JMC1
  • Iowa, United States
If you swapp out access 3 does it have to all be re configured by crown or will it just start up normal?
  • Posted 13 May 2024 06:11
  • Reply by Steven_Womack
  • Ohio, United States
It is not seeing you on the pedals. You can check them through the analyzer 2 inputs DMS and BKS then see if they are bad or if wiring or a blown fuse problem.
  • Posted 5 Nov 2016 22:56
  • Reply by popeye
  • Ohio, United States
Only when i move my handle
  • Posted 5 Nov 2016 13:41
  • Reply by dony_s
  • west java, Indonesia
Only when i move my handle
  • Posted 5 Nov 2016 13:41
  • Reply by dony_s
  • west java, Indonesia
Does it show "center handle" when handle is at rest or only when you operate or move handle. If only when you move handle then is it all functions or just travel. If it doesn't show center handle at rest its likely not your handle but a sequence error.or failed module
  • Posted 5 Nov 2016 01:48
  • Reply by robert_e
  • Georgia, United States
An Access3 traction module that has failed may give you this operator level error. If calibration does not work you may try swapping Access3 with a known good one.
  • Posted 21 Oct 2016 11:11
  • Reply by AceMechanic
  • Kansas, United States
Could be as simple as calibrating POT1 and/or POT2. Also could be an issue with fwd/rev switches (optical switches). FYI a complete handle assy for an RD runs about $800 to $900. A lot more cost effective to replace individual components.
  • Posted 12 Oct 2016 05:09
  • Reply by chevotaman
  • Texas, United States
It's all just nuts n' bolts.

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