Crown RD5020-30:
Carriage and Mast Drift down slowly.

The carriage and mast drift down slowly, it's very noticeable. I have checked the return filter no signs of contamination. The mast drifts from max lift to the ground slowly. I removed the valve and have checked CV1,CV2, PVL, reliefs 1 &2. There were no signs of contamination in the valve. The springs all had good tension and not sticking. It has to be something valve related due to it still drifting with the battery unplugged. I cant see it being all three cylinders bypassing, at least I would'nt think so.

Has anyone encountered this before? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  • Posted 28 Apr 2011 06:02
  • Discussion started by sirthor1881
  • Georgia, United States
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have you checked the MLV?
  • Posted 11 May 2011 10:46
  • Reply by CGMI
  • Illinois, United States
i saw this a dew weeks ago with a RD 5200s truck..I need to replace pot2 in the multi task handel go into the annalyze feature and make sure all pots are in the electrical limit 2.5 volts..
  • Posted 5 May 2011 20:27
  • Reply by irrk1
  • Massachusetts, United States

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