Revolutionary Electric Pallet Truck to be introduced

- 17 Mar 2011 ( #505 )
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Big Joe, a pioneer in the development of electric forklifts for over 60 years, will unveil a radical new pallet truck design on March 21st at McCormick Place in Chicago during the 2011 ProMat International Exposition.

The new Big Joe E30 "eTruck" is a compact fully electric pallet truck that promises to deliver a level of truck performance and economy previously unavailable. With a suggested retail price of $2,600, the company hopes to convert users by the thousands away from traditional manual equipment in what is a $500 million a year worldwide market.

"Our new eTruck has the potential to change the way large retailers and distribution chains think about basic material handling," says Dan Rosskamm, President of Big Lift LLC. "By delivering significant safety and productivity benefits at such an attractive price point, our new truck will be hard for large users of manual equipment to ignore."

Millions of workers worldwide use manual pallet trucks everyday to transport materials and finished goods. While this equipment is inexpensive, it often proves to be costly for employers. Disposable product quality and frequent replacement costs aside, the physical impact on personnel can often prove to be the biggest cost for large users. Manual pallet trucks require significant operator effort to lift and tug loads that often weigh more than 2,500lbs. This can lead to repetitive motion injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and lost days of work that can largely be avoided by the use of powered equipment.

While powered pallet trucks have been around for decades they have typically been too expensive or cumbersome to gain wider adoption which may change with the new Big Joe unit. The eTruck will be able to carry up to 3,000lbs., and features excellent build quality, a 60AH battery pack, integral 110v charger, key switch, hour meter, and 27" x 45" forks. This spring the company will begin distribution of the unit from stocking locations throughout North America.

About Big Joe

Big Joe is one of the world's most well known brands of walk behind forklifts. Big Joe equipment has built a strong reputation for over 50 years on a simple design philosophy featuring quality, utility and value. Managed by Big Lift LLC of Lombard, Illinois, the company plans to launch several new models in 2011 to expand their growing product offering.

For more information, visit; or click to view the Big Lift ShopFront.

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