JLG 2032E2:
2030es 3314 code for brake

hello, we have this scissor lift here that is throwing a brake code. i busted out the multimeter and checked the ground wire to the brake assembly and it has good continuity to ground on both brakes (0.2 ohms)

we ohm'd both brake assemblies at 20ohm.

tried swapping brake plugs side to side and the code didn't change to 3315 so we think the brake assembly is ok.

ohm'd the long wire back to the computer box with good results at 0.2 ohm
also checked the brake wires in the motor power cable with good result as well.

sometimes the machine will work fine, and other times it will throw the code after moving 1 ft. maybe there is a fragile wire?

anybody know where else to go from here? i am at my witts end

thanks so much ! :)
  • Posted 3 May 2024 21:50
  • Discussion started by jtom
  • Michigan, United States
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I would remove the brake assemblies, carefully use 6mm long thread bolts I believe?, But you want to lock the assemblies from coming apart and losing springs, then check for rust or residual water marks, Emery cloth both motor and brake assy, if still faults, new brakes
  • Posted 4 Jun 2024 05:27
  • Reply by Matthew_Reed
  • New York, United States

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