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Mobicon Mini-Straddle Carriers offer a highly manoeuvrable, safe, and cost-effective solution for container handling. The Mobicon can navigate narrow doorways and low awnings; our low axle weight means a Mobicon won't damage your yard surface, whilst our unique design improves the safety of your operations.  

Mobicon is dedicated to making container handling safer through:
  • Reducing the need for the operator to leave the cabin with our remote twist lock system
  • Eliminating foot traffic around the container operation
  • No uncontrolled movement of the container/load

The Mobicon 2HL
The Mobicon 2HL stacks containers two high and is ideal for operations where space is at a premium and speed a priority. With a two-minute load cycle, the 2HL is guaranteed to improve efficiency and productivity of your site and is best suited for businesses with medium to high throughput.

The Mobicon 2T
The Mobicon 2T model is a compact machine designed to go anywhere, including under awnings and into warehouses. The 2T can be used in a laneway as small as five metres wide and is guaranteed to reduce operation time as it loads containers directly onto road vehicles.  The 2T model is ideal for operations with low to medium container throughput.

Based in Queensland, Australia, Mobicon has been manufacturing reliable mini-straddle carriers for over 20 years. Some of our clients include Toll, Mainfreight, Linfox, Toyota, Australian Customs & Border Protection and The US Navy. When you purchase a Mobicon, you are investing in quality design, quality engineering, and quality service.  

Company Newsflash
Mobicon Systems is proud to be partnering with the Australian Defence Force in delivering one of our latest generation 2T Mobicon units. This unit will be based in South Australia and offers unparalleled performance in such a sensitive and critical application. Mobicon Systems has a proud history of supplying equipment to both the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Border Force for over 20 years.

For more company information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems website</i> For more company information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems website</i> For more company information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems website</i> For more product information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems product page</i>
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