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Logitrans Inc

Aurora, Illinois, United States
Logitrans Inc (formerly Interthor) offers top-quality handling and lifting equipment, designed to solve material handling issues safely, efficiently, and ergonomically correct on an industrial level.

Interthor Inc. was founded in 1957 and has been owned by Logitrans Holding Denmark since March 2006. The two companies have co-operated since 1988. Given the global footprint of the Logitrans Holding group it was decided in 2023 that Interthor Inc should change name to Logitrans Inc, to make it easier for global customers to identify us.

Logitrans distributes quality ergonomic lifting equipment from Chicago through a network of material handling dealers throughout North, Central and South America.
The Logitrans sales team offers training and demos both online and in person to accommodate your needs. We offer technical support and have quality spare parts available even for products from the 90s.

We always take the customer's specific needs and inquiries as our starting point, and we never compromise on quality or safety. This makes our solutions unique. Our mindset is that it is not about delivering a product - it is about finding the best solution!

Logitrans was founded in 1940 - and has a long history and a lot of traditions. Today, Logitrans is one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment with more than 140 qualified employees within development, production, sale, and service, fulfilling customer requirements worldwide.

We specialize in stainless and custom material handling solutionsWe also carry fully powered pallet jacks, walk behind stackers, pallet jacks, material handling rotators, reel, and drum handling solutions.

Company Newsflash
Logitrans brought the original skid lift (Thork Lift) to the US back in the 80s. Today it is still one of our best-selling products and several of the original Thork Lifts are still in operation.

Logitrans continues to produce groundbreaking ergonomic lifting equipment which delivers clever and solid solutions. Our Rotator, Reel Rotator and our Multi drum turner are impressive examples of this.
The NEW LogiRobot pallet mover - <i>click for more information.</i> Rotator with adjustable box holders - <i>click for more information.</i> Stainless Logitilt - <i>click for more information.</i> Fully powered pallet truck, Panther Maxi - <i>click for more information.</i> Our Inox and electric Thork lift. We also offer customised solutions - <i>click for more information.</i>
For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> - 63 Lugg Street, Bardon QLD 4065, Australia
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