Showroom: MODEX 2024 LIVE

12 March 2024

Forkliftaction is bringing you all the excitement from MODEX 2024 in Atlanta. Take a look at the latest products and exhibitor highlights straight from the show floor. 

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Booths A11109 + A11309
The HELI brand, represented by Heli America Inc., made quite the appearance at MODEX with forty invited North American agents also present at the show.
Booth C3279
DAY 4 and still powering along BYD's Ed, Billy, Logan and Vaish are on hand to talk about their electric forklift range and battery management software. 
It's day two at MODEX and Dany Tanguay is introducing the Ewellix range of linear motion solutions and linear actuators.
Plug Power
Booth  B2629
The delightful John and Martin at Plug Power spent MODEX 2024 talking about their hydrogen fuel cell power solutions.
Wellwit Robotics
Booth  A13313
Wellwit Robotics, one of the largest AGV AMR OEM & ODM manufacturers in China, takes a moment to pose for a team photo on day three.
Booth  C8669
Day one and Rob Patey is showing off the Balyo 9’9” (2.97m) working aisle autonomous reach robot. 
A11109 + A11309
HELI America's impressive exhibit spanned two booths and 380 square meters at MODEX. 
Big Joe
Booth C6085
At the Big Joe booth, Alyssa and Kirsten are off to a great start. And standing proudly behind them it looks like it might be the new autonomous pallet mover
KAUP by Arrow
Booth C5078
Over at the KAUP by Arrow booth visitors enjoy a live demonstrations of their Smart Load Control Clamp and 360° Rotator. 
Booth B2626
Doing their best Beatles impression:) The GenieGrips team is ready to talk about their range of forklift safety products.
Booth B6023
At the Mujin booth marketing manager Jeremy Fultz invited onlookers to come see the entire warehouse case flow automated.
Linde Material Handling
Booth C7495
Gearing up for day one at MODEX it's Linde's JD, Jack, Cordell and Harrison ready to spread the word about their extensive products, services and solutions. 
Cavaion Baumann USA
Booth B8813
It's the last day at MODEX but Rob and Ford are still looking bright standing next to one of their sideloader forklifts.
Booth A12927
DAY ONE: Stand all set up and ready to go! The RAVAS team - Jana, Curtis, Joseph and Rob - pose for a happy snap to commemorate their good work so far.
Booth B8256
Ergostrap, providers of semiautomatic mobile pallet strapping systems, show MODEX spectators how it's done.
Booth B9427
Looking so pretty in yellow the PACK MULE team didn't want to steal its thunder, it's the NXG Stock Chaser utility vehicle.
Well these guys are obviously having fun! L to R: Jean-Yves Beauchamp, Jean-François Marchand, Stephan Dumont, Rick Binder, Rami Jarjour, Jonathan Jabra, Julien Millérioux, Philippe Beauchamp, Tim Ballard, Jonathan Zeimet. 
Bolzoni Auramo Inc.
Booth B4419
On day one, nice and early, Brian, Austin and Jordan get ready to great the crowds at the Bolzoni stand to talk about smart attachments and other materials handling solutions. 
Hawker Powersource
Booth B4013
Hawker's Ashley and Kendra are ready to talk motive power solutions including the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Lithium-Ion battery! Taken on the first morning at #MODEX. 
It's day 2 and Ryan and Adam from Concentric can't wait to talk about their superior forklift and critical power systems. 
Miner Corp.
In the halls
Miner did not exhibit but were definitely present at the show. The company sent a large cohort of the team to take in all the sights.
Booth C4667
Sales Director Mark D'Amato takes a visitor through ROYPOW's lithium battery solutions including the newest ROYPOW UL- Certified Forklift Battery.
Booth B9019
It's DAY 4 and at the Jungheinrich booth Jennifer and Luis stand proudly beside a live showcase of their latest developments across automation, semi-automation, electrification and digital solutions.
Seen Safety + AHM Solution International
MODEX 2024
You are here! Hamish Clark (Seen Safety), Afonso Moreira (AHM Solution International) and Jolie Booth (Forkliftaction) having fun at MODEX 2024.
Booth B2013
DAY ONE and Loren Swakow is ready to talk. He's standing proud with the Noblelift range, which includes their new lithium order pickers.

Xiamen Wontonne
Booth A10735
On day two, the Xiamen Wontonne team are at MODEX to talk about their impressive range of forklift attachments.
Booth A12323
It's showtime... on day one at MODEX and the BSLBATT team are ready for business (2business). They'll be showing off their smart lithium-ion batteries. 
Easy Street @ Noblelift
Booth B2013
Chicago based Noblelift dealer Easy Street having fun checking out new developments in the Noblelift range.
Luis and Maria from Combilift take a quick tick to pose for a photo. They are at MODEX showcase their multidirectional counterbalance truck for moving bulky loads in tight spaces.
Booth A10732
At Modex WinRoller talked customers through their motor drive rollers.
 Booth B2027
At the Microlift stand visitors get acquainted with the company's patented hybrid pallet jacks, open design stackers, and Li-Ion powered forklifts.
Booth B2932
It's day three and over at the Loron booth, Garth, Bob, Jeff and Brian are gearing up to talk about all things attachments.
Booth B6719
InCord are on hand to promote their safety nets and their new Sliding Rack Guard. And just to prove they know what they are doing, check out the US flag.
Multiway Robotics
Booth  C6678
Onlookers watch Multiway's automated guided vehicle (AGV) forklifts operating in real time. 
UN Forklift
Booth B9600
A lovely pic of the UN Forklift team who are taking the opportunity to unveil UN's latest F Series forklift at the show.
Booth  C7685
A nice happy snap of Troy, Jenn and Cameron at the Seegrid booth ready to talk all things autonomous material handling, and help you learn how to automate at scale.
RGo Robotics
Booth A9518
It's day two and Amir and Yael at RGo Robotics are spotlighting their artificial perception technology to the crowds at MODEX. 
SANY Lift Inc.
Booth B1623
On day three Flavio and Anthony at SANY were still going strong talking to passersby about their SANY Electric Forklifts.
Booth B2013
Noblelift used their exhibit at MODEX to introduce a number of new products, all on display at the event.
Arkon Mounts
Booth C8089
It's day three and the very friendly Ben and Jason at the Arkon Mounts booth show off their tablet and handheld mounting solutions.
Booth A10912
At the  OMRON/ROEQ booth  friendly duo, Kyle and Carsten are showing off their ROEQ robotic equipment.
Flux Power
Booth C4085
The Flux Power team - happy to be showcasing their lithium-ion battery technology at MODEX 2024!
Hyundai Material Handling
Booth B9028
Things are looking very lush at the Hyundai stand. The very friendly Jason Taylor, Bernadette McLintock and Han Vit Kim are waiting to talk to the first wave of visitors.
Booth C4667
Another great team photo...RoyPow are all thumbs up and raring to go. The company brings their latest lithium solutions to the show.
HC Forklift America
Booth C5085
It's a big thumbs up from HC Forklift America on day one. The team is excited to bring several new products from their Lithium Iron Phosphate range to the show.
Booth A9813
Over at the OneCharge booth Maxim and Yana take visitors through their many options of lithium forklift batteries.
Booth A10312
A lovely snap of the concentric team, who had a successful MODEX championing their PowerHive intelligent charging automation and critical power systems.
MIMA Forklift
Booth C5068
The lengths (or heights) some will go to in order to get a good vantage point! Visitors check out one of MIMA's latest offerings. 
Booth B8032
Mark Walker and the Enersys team are at MODEX to spotlight their substantial battery portfolio and to present a live demo of their NexSys® AIR wireless charger.
Booth B9206
It's day one and Elokon's Mark Stanton is ready to show you the ins and outs of their forklift safety and fleet management systems for material handling.
Booth B2822
Now these guys know how to pose for a photo. Standing proud, Mark Gilbert and Conner Cameron at the Bobcat exhibit where the company's range included a hydrogen forklift prototype.
It's day two and Matt Wade is on hand to answer questions about the BlueBotics ANT navigation technology for AGVs, automated forklifts and mobile robots.
EP North America
On DAY TWO, EP North America's Jason, Matt and Alyssa are having a fine time. Standing proud behind them, a wide selection of EP's leading lithium-ion forklifts and warehouse equipment. 
Booth C5488
It's DAY 4 and Danial and the Powerfleet team are busy educating visitors on the power of their data analytics and AI-driven solutions.
Booth A13106
The MHEDA team catching up with Brett Wood, President and CEO of Toyota Material Handling North America (TMHNA).
Blaxtair Inc.
Booth A9929
Simon Rothechild ready to enlighten on how Blaxtair's solutions can help operators reach their 'zero-accident' goals.
Booth A13918
The Slamcore team Jorge, Owen and Marina on day two and things are going great. They are illustrating the benefits of their Slamcore Aware real-time location system.
Logitrans US Inc.
Booth B2229
On MODEX day 2, Neal and Danny from Logitrans US Inc. are letting their ergonomic lifting equipment take centre stage.
CLARK Material Handling
Booth C3879
On MODEX day three, Ed and Emily welcome visitors to the Clark exhibit ready to talk about their latest product developments including recent upgrades to the S-SERIES.
Booth A13106
Yes, we agree MHEDA... Forklifts R Fun! Tom Albero, president of Alliance Material Handling having fun with the MHEDA team Kathy Cotter (left) and Katie Richards (right).
Booth  B8656
At the Electrovaya booth Flavia Seceleanu, Account Manager, and Jason Roy, Director, Corporate Development & Investor Relations, take five after a busy morning talking about their power solutions and batteries. 
Booth B2626
There's those yellow sneakers again...doing a great job on personal branding as usual, GenieGrips present their matching yellow forklift safety range. 
Booth B4619
On day two, Lift-Rite's Erin Noone spread the word about the newest products in their line of pallet trucks and lifts.
Wellwit Robotics
BOOTH  A13313
CEO Henry discusses the Wellwit offering with visitors. Proudly displayed at the stand is their membership to the China Mobile Robot Alliance, a robot standard testing technology association.
HIVE Quick Response
On day two Steve and Rick from HIVE Quick Response Software brought their A game, and an innovative solution for simplifying the service request process.
Booth B6657
A true pro! Landoll's Al Connelly expertly shows off their forklift’s swing mast on MODEX day one.
Booth B5223
What a team! Cascade’s Robert, Jeremy and Kyle on day one at MODEX. Visitors can stop by to see electric attachments from their Cascade Electrix™ line among other highlights.
MHEDA + Jamco Inc.
Booth A13106
Tim Jamal and son Adam from Jamco are having some fun at the MHEDA exhibit.
Booth C3671
Maxime was on the floor, to explain what's new for lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturer Stromcore.  
OTTO by Rockwell Automation
Booth B9419
Over at the OTTO booth Jess invites visitors to take a load off in their seating area to witness their AMRs in action.
Big Joe
Booth C6085
Who doesn't love talking materials handling! Kevin Lawton, CLTD from The New Warehouse Podcast interviews Cullen Wurzer, director of dealer development at Big Joe.
Amerden AGVs
Booth A12723
AGV Systems experts Jonas and David from Amerden AGVs take a minute to pose for a team photo.
Green Cubes Technology
Booth B2607
Hot on the heels of announcing exciting new developments in their Lithium SAFEFlex battery range, Green Cubes Technology's Michael Walsh prepares for first day proceedings.
Integrated Warehouse Solutions
Booth C6285
It's the good folks at Integrated Warehouse Solutions (IWS) and it looks like they are ready to talk about their complete range of dock and warehouse equipment.
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