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Issue #750 - 31 Dec 2015.
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One New Year’s message really stood out recently: “Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. So never step back and always have courage to accept new challenges. Wishing you a very happy new year 2016”.
The essence of this wish is not based on luck, but rather the notion that we make our own futures through our efforts and ability to deal with adversity.
Last year gave the materials handling sector plenty of opportunities to prevail over challenges and some companies have emerged stronger and more ready than ever to cope with whatever the future holds. Others have not coped so well, and all have paid the price in one way or another.
As we look to the year ahead, it is clear that we may not escape further challenges. We will all be tested.
All at hope that we - our own team, our readers, our supporters and the industry as a whole - overcome the obstacles, embrace the opportunities and continue to enjoy the spirit of co-operation that makes this endeavour so worthwhile.
Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.
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Industry poised for modest growth in 2016
As the forklift industry looks to 2016, there’s a sense of optimism. Allan Leibowitz looks at expectations for the year ahead, and reviews the year that has been. [Read the full report]
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Positive sentiment for 2016 Australasia News

Forklift demand in 2015 was down from the previous year and some of the old problems still plague the industry; but as a whole, the industry members are positive about ... [more]
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In The Discussion Forums
"i have a hyster b60z ac jack which runs fine lifts but after a while it will throw a code29456 , i found out it means error in control module speed / direction sensor, anybody tell me how to access the computer by useing the buttons on the handle, and what it would take to fix this issue ? the controller says letrika on it thanks".
jtt81968, United States
"No doubt there will be some streaming lining in production and sharing of R & D costs to reduce overall operational costs with the main goal to remain competitive in a competitive world market. If you snooze you will lose. As I often say no customer really wants to buy a lfit truck & continue to finds ways to reduce their fleet size until the do they have to buy (rent, lease, etc.) one. And there are more brands entering the market - some are just rebadged brands mainly from China.".
johnr_j, United States
"If the fork cross section is less than the larger (longer forks) that may be the difference. In additions the "chemistry" of the forks metal may cause a reduced capacity (i.e. low or high carbon steel) - this can change from fork manufacturer to manufacturer How forges are made (fully forged or other wise) can make a difference as well. In a nutshell, not all forks are a like and they can be the weakest link that determine the capacity rating.".
johnr_j, United States
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1. Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Eagan, MN[more]
2. Truck Driver - Full time
United States, Menomonee Falls, WI[more]
3. Sales Manager - Full time
United States, Northeast Ohio[more]
4. Carolina CAT - Parts Counter Rep (CT2016-ASHPartsCounter-KM) - Full time
United States, Asheville, NC[more]
5. Experienced Forklift Technicians/Mechanics - Full time
United States, Greensboro, NC[more]
6. Material Handling Parts Administrative Assistant - Full time
United States, Charlotte, NC[more]
7. Material Handling Parts Administrative Assistant - Full time
United States, Charlotte, NC[more]
8. Experienced Forklift Technicians/Mechanics - Full time
United States, Raleigh/Durham, NC[more]
9. CTE - Corporate Recruiter (CT2016-CLTRecruiter-TM) - Full time
United States, Charlotte, NC[more]
10. Carolina CAT - Product Support Inside Sales Rep (CT2016-CLT-ISRPrdSupport-MK) - Full time
United States, Charlotte, NC[more]
11. Assistant Workshop Manager - Full time
Australia, Perth[more]
12. Qualified Mechanics - Full time
Australia, Sydney[more]
13. Outside Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Milwaukee, WI[more]
14. Outside Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Wausau, WI[more]
15. Mobile Mechanics - Full time
Australia, Sydney[more]
16. Qualified Mechanics - Full time
Australia, Sydney[more]
17. Panel Beaters and Spray Painters - Full time
Australia, Sydney[more]
18. Armature Winder/Fitter Winder - Full time
Australia, Adelaide[more]
19. Carolina CAT - Advance Electrical Field Service Engineer (CT2016-CLT-AESEngineer-ER) - Full time
United States, Charlotte, NC[more]
20. Aerial Equipment Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Bethlehem[more]
1. auto technician - Full time
Norway, any were in the world[more]
Upcoming Events
1. Mechanical Sealing Technology Seminar
London, United Kingdom13/04/2016     [more]
2. LogiMAT 2016
Stuttgart, GermanyMarch 8th - 10th     [more]
3. CEMAT 2016
Hannover, Germany31st May to 3rd June 2016     [more]
4. MODEX 2016
Atlanta, United StatesApril 4th to 7th     [more]
5. LogiMat China 2016
Nanjing, ChinaApril 19th to 21st     [more]
6. IMHX 2016
Birmingham, United Kingdom13th to 16th September 2016     [more]
Melbourne, AustraliaJuly 12-14     [more]
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