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Issue #699 - 31 Dec 2014.
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Inside Contact the Forkliftaction team
Unlike the Chinese, the Western calendar doesn’t assign characteristics to the year. So, as we approach 2015, we have little to go on but public sentiment. There’s no doubt that there’s more positive belief than there has been for some time. It seems like only yesterday that pundits were poised to write off much of Europe as a basket case and dismiss the US as another victim.
But we ended 2014 in better shape than we began it, and all we can hope for is that this holds true for 2015.
So, as we start another year, the team wishes everyone in the industry all the best. Let’s hope that any lifting we face is light and that our equipment continues making our lives easier.
Happy New Year.
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Industry hopes for growth Australasia News
Global uncertainty, the fluctuating local currency, rising unemployment and budget deficits dampened confidence and growth in Australia in 2014. The latest government economic outlook forecasts real GDP growing at 2.5% ... [more]
Global NewsEditorial articles by Forkliftaction News

Looking forward with confidence
The forklift industry has some confidence and optimism for the new year - as well as a firm commitment to safety, environmental responsibility and improved productivity. Allan Leibowitz spoke to ... [more]
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A simple message
After a year of hard work and a milestone of 60,000+ members, the Forkliftaction team are feeling very grateful.

Grateful for our loyal and connected business audience who utilise and contribute to Forkliftaction daily.

Grateful for the continued support of our advertisers, we value their trust in Forkliftaction.

Grateful for the opportunity to work hard and continue to develop and grow even better news and resources next year.

If you have a story to share, a brand to strengthen or a product to launch in 2015, contact us!

Happy New Year everybody, and thank you, from the team at Forkliftaction. [more]

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Tarching Nippon (M) Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  [more]
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Friendswood, Texas - United States  [more]
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Tampa, Florida - United States  [more]
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Karlskoga, Sweden  [more]
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Bremen, Germany  [more]
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Coming up in 2015:
• FORKLIFT BUILD 101 - 18 Jun 2015
• SAFETY PLANS - 19 Nov 2015

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In The Discussion Forums
"I've reached my limit, and need some help. We've had another pedestrian hit by a forklift attributed to impaired vision, i.e. the mast blocking the driver's view. Thankfully the person will be fine, but it could have been a fatality. My question for you is: Who is making a forklift or retro-fit type mast that is below the line of sight of a seated operator? I'll buy 100 of them if I can find them!".
Guido, United States
"Concerning the hydraulics - technically everything is possible, the issue is, how safe it is. I wonder, what will be the reaction of your domestic Certification Office. Please advice the exact description (model, type, serial number) of the truck. ".
Karait, Poland
"We have been getting these errors for a while now. Sometimes we can go weeks before seeing them and then like right now we are kicking if we can even get the lift to move 2 ft.".
corey_b, United States
Job Vacancies
1. Product Manager Warehouse - Full time
United Kingdom, Frimley[more]
2. Tire Technician - Full time
United States, Green Bay[more]
3. Forklift Mechanic - Full time
United States, Greenville, South Carolina[more]
4. Forklift Mechanic - Full time
United States, Charleston, South Carolina[more]
5. Service Technician - Full time
United States, Elkins, WV[more]
6. Service Technician - Full time
United States, Paducah, KY[more]
7. Inside Parts Salesperson - Full time
United States, Atlanta[more]
8. Forklift Service Technician - Full time
United States, ATLANTA[more]
9. Vice President of Sales - Full time
United States, Atlanta[more]
10. Tire Technician - Full time
United States, Auburn, WA[more]
11. National Account Manager - Full time
United States, Houston, TX[more]
12. Territory Manager/Sales - Full time
United States, Wichita Falls, TX[more]
13. Director - National Accounts - Full time
United States, Chicago, Illinois[more]
1. Sales Management/Major Accounts - Full time
United States, Midwest/Iowa[more]
Upcoming Events
1. ProMat 2015
Chicago, United States23 to 26 March     [more]
2. CeMAT Australia 2015
Sydney, Australia5 to 7 May     [more]
3. Logistica 2015
UTRECHT, Netherlands10 to 13 November     [more]
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