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Issue #597 - 3 Jan 2013.
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There seems to be plenty of optimism around as we start a new year and it’s not hard to see why. For many, 2012 was a year they’d rather forget. Others not only survived the year, but thrived and prospered. What’s clear is that most businesses which got through the global financial crisis are stronger and more nimble after the tough times.
Let’s hope that 2013 is a year to remember - for all the right reasons!

A good year despite continued challenges Australasia News
Most of the players in Australia’s forklift industry experienced steady growth in 2012 and remain cautiously optimistic for the year ahead, but as Karen Harverson reports, they predict a tightening... [more]

2013 - A cautious year
For many in the materials handling industry, 2012 felt like a trip to the dentist - necessary, boring and a little bit painful. The recession continued to bite into most countries and although there were signs of life within the industry, there was also the realisation that the economic challenges may be more than just a blip and may, in fact, represent the new “state of play”. Melissa Barnett looks back at 2012 and at what 2013 may bring. [more]
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2013: Bring it on!
What a great year for! The past year has shown us that online business is thriving.

In 2012 we worked hard to boost your business with new products and improvements designed to increase usability and make it even easier to network, search, sell and discuss on

Now the world’s biggest news service and business centre for materials handling, Forkliftaction welcomes +400,000 web visitors - over 100,000 unique visitors - each month. Thank you everyone for your support and growing confidence in our services; expect more great things in 2013!

Special thanks to our advertisers, who make Forkliftaction possible. We thank you for your trust; it has been fantastic working with you in 2012.

And finally, Happy New Year everyone - see you in 2013! [more]

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Bremco Materials Handling Equipment
Rocklea, Queensland - Australia  [more]
Hanes Engineering Company Ltd.
Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand  [more]
Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd.
suzhou, China  [more]
Tailift Co., Ltd.
NanTou City, Taiwan  [more]
Systems Logic - WMS, Warehouse Management Solutions
Brantford, Ontario - Canada  [more]
Forklift Pro, Inc
Pineville, North Carolina - United States  [more]
Davis Derby Ltd
Derby, Derbyshire - United Kingdom  [more]
Cargotec Sweden AB
Lidhult, Sweden  [more]

March 2013:

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In The Discussion Forums
"It may take years before Chinese will be able to built and establish the high quality aftersales support. Even, when (if?) they purchase Linde Heavy Trucks Division, they won't take over the actual service network, which stays by the Linde dealers and usually is the part of their business.".
Karait, Poland
"You may want to register your ideas with a patent office before contacting anyone. Some people have been known to "steal" an idea from the inventor - the thief (even reputable companies) makes money & the inventor is left holding and empty bag.".
johnr_j, United States
"Perhaps forklift operator trainers need a standards body along the lines of ASE for auto mechanics (and I am NOT endorsing the ASE) or PADI has done for scuba divers (and I think PADI is a far better managed model, that keeps "profit" and "results" in the correct proportions).".
edward_t, United States
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1. Southeast Regional Sales Manager - Full time
United States, Lexington[more]
2. Senior Procurement Manager (20120407) - Full time
United States, Reading, PA[more]
1. Management/training - Full time
United States, Northeast Philadelphia area[more]
2. rental,parts,css - Full time
United States, ill, ind. area[more]
3. Manager/Supervisor - Full time
United States, Chicago-North and South Suburbs[more]
4. Marketing Management / Product Management - Full time
United States, Eastern US / Midwest / Southeast[more]
Upcoming Events
Sao Paulo, Brazil17 - 19 September 2013     [more]
2. Logimat 2013
Stuttgart, Germany19th to 21st February 2013     [more]
3. IMHX 2013
Birmingham, United Kingdom19th to 22nd March 2013     [more]
4. ProMat 2013
Chicago, United States21st to 24th January 2013     [more]
5. 7th Philippine Ports and Shipping 2013 Exhibition and Conference
Manila, Philippines30th and 31st January 2013     [more]
6. 7th Indian Ocean Ports and Logistics 2013 Exhibition and Conference
Beira, Mozambique27th & 28th February 2013     [more]
7. Columbia Forklift Challenge 2013
Portland, Oregon, United States5th March 2013     [more]
8. Tire Technology Expo Conference
Cologne, Germany5th to 7th February 2013     [more]
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