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This is issue #483 - 14 October 2010 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Q-lion claims first to market with new battery solution


Konecranes acquires Indian company and confirms it approached Demag
Air regulators may delay diesel-emission rule
Q-lion claims first to market with new battery solution
Counterweight maker to reopen Alabama factory
JLG substitutes metal for plastic on some hoods
First carbon-neutral logistics show
Forklifts help move Bodleian’s books to new site
JCB receives huge order from new service provider
Briggs warns of pre-Christmas rush
Sample of used equipment for sale
Damon operates forklift in ‘Hereafter’ movie

OMG range unveiled to industry
Port personality resigns
NTP Forklifts may silence noise critics
Impressive growth at Port Botany

Are you in breach of Australian Standard 4084-1993, applicable to Pallet Racking?
Meklift Ltd - now the sole distributor in the UK for Agria Rough Terrain Forklifts
RAEDER-VOGEL® proudly presents its worldwide network of trade partners
Chain supply is made easy with Chaintec’s new direct delivery service
Looking for dealers to represent Maximal IC and Electric Forklifts

UN heavy duty diesel forklift
KEYTROLLER, LLC. introduces new VANGUARD (World’s most accurate hydraulic forklift scale)
Banyitong Electric Forklift Company Produces Customized 500KG-50000KG Warehouse Forklift Equipment
Ground Level Container Access Ramps

One good thing to do
Linde C360-4 container handling forklift
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The World Bank is weighing into the cost of carbon debate, with its clean energy chief warning that “in only four decades, we have to be a carbon non-intensive economy”. Speaking at an alternative energy conference, Daniel Kammen said the situation requires “a new industrial revolution in 40 years”. Of course, forward-thinking materials handling professionals are already conscious of the need to consider more energy efficient forklift technology and while there’s not one uniform thrust, there are several promising developments, as we regularly report in News. And while the economic challenges of the past year may have curbed research and development, there’s no doubt that energy and environment are on everyone’s priority list and that further progress can’t be too far off.

Konecranes acquires Indian company and confirms it approached Demag
Hyvinkää, Finland
Konecranes has signed an agreement to buy Indian crane company WMI Cranes Ltd in a deal that could be worth more than USD80 million.

WMI, owned by its managing director Gopal Vazirani and his family, is one of India’s leading heavy-duty crane manufacturers. It has an installed base of more than 4,000 cranes in India and an extensive sales network in the country.

The company has two production plants, one in Mumbai and one in Jejuri, near Pune. WMI’s cranes are used in the steel, engineering, general manufacturing, cement, energy, shipyard and logistics industries.

For the year ended 31 March 2010, WMI’s net sales totalled EUR30 million (USD41.9 million). It employs about 350 people and has a contracted workforce of about 600 people.

According to the agreement, Konecranes will acquire 51% of WMI’s shares for INR1.69 billion (USD38.2 million). It will then buy the remaining shares one year later. The sellers are entitled to a performance-linked part of the purchase price and the total maximum price for all WMI’s shares can amount to about INR3.6 billion (USD81.3 million).

Konecranes CEO Pekka Lundmark says the acquisition will significantly boost the company’s presence in the fast-growing Indian crane market. “Our aim is to further grow the business potential by extending the offering with technologies developed by Konecranes. The product offerings of the two companies complement each other very well.”

Vazirani says customers will benefit from the combined products, technology and service of both companies.

Separately, Konecranes Plc confirmed it has approached German-based industrial and ports crane manufacturer Demag Cranes to discuss a possible merger of the two companies.

The Finnish manufacturer released a statement last Friday to silence media speculation about the two companies. It says it approached Demag Cranes on 8 September.

“This was a preliminary approach and the management of Demag Cranes has responded that [it] has no interest in engaging in any dialogue regarding such a potential combination. To date there have been no concrete negotiations between the two companies,” the statement says.

Konecranes believes there is a need for consolidation in the crane industry, particularly in Europe. It says it is “continuously evaluating” its strategic options for mergers and acquisitions.
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Air regulators may delay diesel-emission rule
Sacramento, CA, United States
Californian air quality regulators may delay implementation until 1 January 2014 of some diesel-emission requirements for forklifts and other off-highway vehicles.

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) might increase the enforcement exemption for some “low-use” diesel-powered equipment, including forklifts. A proposal calls for adjusting the threshold to 150 hours a year from the current less-than-100 hours a year, in part because ARB analysis projected a low emissions cost-benefit in requiring retrofits for limited-use equipment. The 100-hour threshold is slated to expire on 31 December.

Representatives of ARB and the trade organisation Associated General Contractors of America agreed on 7 October to several changes in diesel-emission rules.  The off-highway regulation was first adopted in July 2007 and calls for installation of diesel soot filters and replacement of older, dirtier engines with newer emission-controlled models.

Originally, ARB scheduled improvements to start in March 2010 for larger fleets and staggered through to 2015 for small-sized fleets.

A proposal delays the start of requirements by two years for all fleets with most fleet implementation dates going to 2017. ARB says a proposal would “allow turnover in lieu of retrofitting so no fleet is ever forced to apply an exhaust retrofit”.

Sacramento-based ARB is scheduled to consider the enforcement extension and streamlining proposals during a 16-17 December meeting. ARB is a department of the California Environmental Protection Agency.
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One good thing to do
The US Open Forklift Safety Rodeo invites you to join us as a co-sponsor of the 2010 Rodeo.

The following is an testimonial extract from Col. Richard E. "Dick" Higgins, USAF (Ret) from the US Open Rodeo.

“ForkliftAction can take great satisfaction in knowing that somewhere, somehow you have undoubtedly saved lives by your consistent support in promoting forklift safety! One never knows when or where it happens because the operators you have helped save will always be known only to some higher being! To say nothing of what your acts do to help the individual, families, friends, employers & the industry; all your clients!”

Forkliftaction is helping to grow a network of Forklift Driver competitions around the world. Co-Sponsors please know that Forkliftaction is keen to promote your company as a sponsor of these competitions.

Sponsorships of the US Open commence at US$100. For more information Click Here

Interested? Read more about this sponsorship opportunity in the following US Open Forklift Safety Rodeo Media Release.
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Q-lion claims first to market with new battery solution
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Q-lion, part of multinational Pon Holdings, has just launched its first product - a lithium-ion battery solution for the materials handling market that it claims significantly reduces charging time.

Q-lion CEO Koert Luisman tells News the battery solution is the first lithium-ion battery in the world that can be charged rapidly.

“In our industry, the materials handling and cleaning market, most manufacturers see the benefits of lithium-ion compared to the current industry standard lead-acid, because it is a lightweight, safer and maintenance-free battery,” Luisman says.

“Many suppliers talk about new lithium-ion batteries as a future possibility and they are still in pilot phases and struggling to get [the] economics [to] work,” he says.

Q-lion’s lithium-ion battery costs up to five times the price of traditional lead-acid batteries but Luisman says users can save 10% of lifetime costs through greater productivity and efficiency.

He says the key to the company’s new development is not the battery itself but the fast-charging technology it employs.

“No one has been able to charge a battery for the forklift industry within 15 minutes,” Luisman says.

Q-lion claims its lithium-ion battery solution reduces charging time by 32 times, reduces environmental impact by 45% and raises productivity by 10%.

“We charge with a 6-20kw charger. Field studies have shown we charge 32 times faster because traditionally it takes eight hours and now it only takes 15 minutes,” Luisman says.

On the productivity front, he says lithium-ion battery users have reported a 10% improvement in the throughput of goods and significantly shorter times to process standard jobs because of the constant power supply the battery provides.

He also singles out a study by the University of Brussels pointing to a 45% reduction in environmental impact when using lithium-ion batteries compared to lead-acid solutions. The study can be downloaded at

Q-lion’s main technology partner is Netherlands-headquartered Epyon, which developed the fast-charging technology for the automotive market. The technology has been adapted for forklifts and Q-lion has global distribution rights for the materials handling market.

Reid Hislop, from US fuel cell provider Plug Power Inc, says his company welcomes the development and use of advanced battery technology but points out the batteries’ deficiencies.

“This new battery technology may be more environmentally friendly and lighter than its lead-acid predecessor but, at the end of the day, it is still a battery. They still require re-charging equipment, which takes up space, can be 7-10 times more expensive than lead-acid and are still dependent on re-charging from the grid, which will impact on any reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

“Whether it takes 15 minutes or 20 minutes to re-charge, that’s still four or five times longer than it takes to re-fuel a fuel cell,” Hislop says.

Plug Power claims to have 85% market share in the North American fuel cell forklift. Hislop says he does not see advanced battery technology “or any other technology for that matter” having an impact on his company’s market share soon.
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Counterweight maker to reopen Alabama factory
Cullman, AL, United States
North Vernon Industry Corporation (NVIC), now solely owned by Toyota Industries Corp, plans soon to reopen a Cullman plant, says Jack Bodi, NVIC vice president.

NVIC manufactures counterweights for forklifts and off-road vehicles in North Vernon, Indiana, and, from early 2006 to late 2008, operated a division in a 100,000-sqft (45,000-sqm) factory it owns in Cullman.

“We mothballed the plant anticipating a return” to production, Bodi says. That may occur by the end of November, initially with about 60 workers.

For continuity, NVIC used some idle Cullman workers for production work in North Vernon through to August 2009. The sites are nearly 400 miles (640 km) apart.

Business is improving now. “We actually started the year [2010] higher than in 2009 but not tremendously,” Bodi says. “Month by month, we have seen the market return. In August, we saw a huge spike, and now that huge spike is continuing through end of year.”

The Cullman plant has a permit for annual production of 90,000 metric tons but, in a practical sense, “the real tonnage is 70,000,” he says.

NVIC owns two North Vernon plants that employ 311 people. One plant occupies 70,000 sqft (6,300 sqm) and has a permit for annual production of 52,000 metric tons. The other occupies 105,000 sqft (9,450 sqm) and has a permit for annual production of 75,000 metric tons.

In January, Toyota Industries, of Kariya, Japan, acquired the NVIC portion owned by its longtime partner, family-owned Ota Heavy Industry Co Ltd, of Hekinan, Japan. Terms were not disclosed, but counterweight customers were informed.

Toyota and Ota began discussions in 1994 about establishing a counterweight manufacturing facility in the US to complement their corresponding capability in Japan. The partners reached an agreement and began operating NVIC in 1996 as an independently operated gray iron foundry. NVIC shipped its first counterweight in March 1998 and, in 2004, identified itself as North America’s leading forklift counterweight manufacturer.

In all three factories, NVIC’s automated vacuum-moulding process is “unique technology for manufacturing moulds”, Bodi says. “We use vacuum pressure to hold the sand in the shape of the mould. No resins or binders are used. After the casting is poured, we release the vacuum. The sand falls away, is recirculated and used again. It is a clean process without negative environmental aspects.”

Two other North American facilities make large castings using a semi-automated vacuum-moulding process.
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JLG substitutes metal for plastic on some hoods
McConnellsburg, PA, United States
JLG Industries Inc began installing steel hoods on some boom lifts from 1 October in response to customer input.

The steel hoods are now standard equipment in North America, replacing polymer-matrix-composite hoods of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin and reinforcement fibres.

“We listened to the feedback of our customers and worked with our development team to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the longevity of our boom lifts,” says Chris Mellott, JLG vice president of sales and market development for the Americas. “The upgrade to steel hoods adds a unique design element to our industry-leading engine-powered boom lifts and we are proud to offer these improvements to our customers.”

Models 600S, 800S and 800A are the first engine-powered boom lifts to have steel hoods, which JLG says offer improved durability, long-lasting paint colour and better repair accessibility than the previous hoods. JLG’s ground support aftermarket organisation can provide customers with factory-approved retrofit kits on the 800, 860, 800 and 740 series boom lifts and soon the 600 series models.

JLG, which has a major factory in McConnellsburg, operates as the access equipment segment of publicly traded Oshkosh Corp.
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Linde C360-4 container handling forklift
  • Diesel
  • 36,000 kg (79,366 lbs) lift capacity
  • Pneumatic  tyres
  • 4 high mast  + 20-40 spreader
  • 15000 machine hours
  • Located Japan


For more information contact the Machinery Action Group sales department via email.

Machinery Action Group specialise in the sales and rental of heavy machinery for construction, mining and material handling industries.

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First carbon-neutral logistics show
Birmingham, United Kingdom
IMHX 2010 will not only showcase the logistics industry’s latest offerings, it will allow visitors to experience the industry’s first carbon-neutral exhibition.

Ian Field, managing director of materials handling PR agency Adfield Group, tells News show organisers wanted to improve the visitor experience at IMHX.

“With carbon footprint and carbon reduction being such a hot topic in the UK now, the organisers felt this was a way of attracting new visitors while also doing something worthwhile for the environment.”

IMHX claims to be the first logistics trade expo to offset the carbon dioxide produced through staging the show and through visitor travel to the venue. An environmental zone, sponsored by Shell Gas, will be available for visitors to record their show travel carbon footprints free.

Field says a special software has been written to enable visitors to fill in their details to offset their carbon footprints for their journey to IMHX. Visitors will get certificates emailed to them when they have completed the offset.

“Visitors simply enter their journey details, including where they’ve travelled from and by what [mode] and the computer program does the rest. It calculates their carbon footprint for the journey to and from the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham so this can be offset.” Field says the carbon offset partner is Pure, a UK-based carbon offset charity used by the majority of the world’s airlines.

Organisers will offset carbon produced by planting trees in the UK through Pure. The environmental zone will feature green solutions offered by exhibitors that contribute to a cleaner environment, reduced waste and energy efficiency.

Tim Waples, president of the British Industrial Truck Association, says its members are expecting “high quality” visitors from the UK and overseas for the expo at NEC Birmingham on 16 to 19 November.

Visitors who pre-register for IMHX 2010 at will receive a passport-style pack containing a delegate name badge, a “little black book” of materials handling industry contacts, a fold-out exhibition floor plan and key details of the show’s environmental zone.
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Forklifts help move Bodleian’s books to new site
Swindon, United Kingdom
A GBP26 million (USD41.1 million) warehouse to store 8.4 million books and maps was unveiled last week after one of the UK’s most famous libraries ran out of space.

The Bodleian Library, at Oxford University, entitled to a copy of every book published in the UK, was running out of space to store works for decades. To deal with the backlog of books, arriving at a rate of 1,000 a day, millions of items are temporarily stored outside Oxford city, with thousands housed in a former Cheshire salt mine.

The solution was the Book Storage Facility (BSF) near Swindon, Wiltshire, consisting of 153 miles (246 km) of shelving - sufficient space to support the library for the next 20 years.

Jungheinrich UK Ltd has supplied forklifts to operate at the BSF. The warehouse has 31 aisles of very narrow aisle (VNA), high-density storage shelving. Each aisle is 71 metres (233 feet) long and the shelving is 11.4 metres (37.4 feet) high. The aisles will be served by nine Jungheinrich EKS 312 order pickers.

The VNA order pickers have been fitted with two types of picking trolley specially designed by Jungheinrich to allow books to be quickly and easily picked to fulfil student and researcher book requests, then returned to be put away in their allocated locations in the shelving.

Jungheinrich also supplied a fleet of powered pallet trucks and an electric counterbalance truck.

Over the next 12 months, nearly six million books and more than 1.2 million maps will be transferred from Oxford to BSF, in what will be the biggest move in the history of the Bodleian.

Librarian Dr Sarah Thomas says the BSF will provide a solution to the space problem that has long challenged the Bodleian. “We have been running out of space since the 1970s and the situation has become increasingly desperate in the last few years. Now we can look to the future with confidence that we are preserving one of the world’s most complete records of the written word in state-of-the-art secure archival conditions.”

When full, the new warehouse will house about 8.4 million books, maps, manuscripts, microfilms, periodicals and newspapers dating back to the 18th century.
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JCB receives huge order from new service provider
Rocester, United Kingdom
JCB has received an order for 94 industrial forklifts from a company it has just appointed to be its materials handling fleet service provider.

The machines, made at JCB Utility Products in Cheadle, Staffordshire, are now being put to work by Barloworld Handling at JCB’s 11 plants in Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Wales. Barloworld Handling has agreed to a five-year contract to manage the construction equipment manufacturer’s 310-strong materials handling fleet in the UK.

The “multi-million pound” deal consists of a mix of diesel and LPG powered three tonne and 3.5 tonne capacity machines.

JCB Industrial general manager Chris Nowell says the order is “one of the largest-ever deals done for JCB Teletruks” and one of the single largest industrial forklift orders in the UK this year.

“We have a great deal of experience working with Barloworld. The group mobile plant fleet has been reduced wherever possible in the drive for greater efficiencies and improved performance,” Nowell says.

The total fleet, consisting of Hyster forklifts, tow tractors, side-loaders and JCB Teletruks, performs various materials handling duties at the JCB sites, including the Loadall Division and JCB World Parts, where Hyster VNA machines are used to support a fast 24-hour picking operation. The order’s value was not disclosed.
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Briggs warns of pre-Christmas rush
Cannock, United Kingdom
Short-term forklift hire provider Briggs Equipment is urging forklift fleet operators to refresh health and safety procedures to cope with demand as the busy Christmas period approaches.

With the busiest time of the year only months away, retailers are now taking delivery of new stock and UK warehouse and distribution centres are putting plans in place to keep shelves topped up over the festive season.

Allan Parsons, Briggs’ asset manager, says managers need to face up to the peak period’s challenges. “From our experience and previous industry research we know there is a clear link between increased activity in the pre-Christmas period and the number of accidents, but the reasons behind this are not so clear cut.

“A study [conducted] several years ago suggests 10%-15% of all accidents are the result of inadequate training and this is likely to become a greater risk during busy periods when agency or other temporary staff are employed to cope with demand,” he says.

Other factors that may contribute include experienced staff taking procedural short-cuts to keep up with the increased workload.

Parsons says managers can reduce the risk of incidents by ensuring temporary staff are fully familiar with the work environment and the equipment they are using. He suggests introducing induction processes, if they are not already in place.

He says longer-serving staff need to be reminded of their obligations and now is a good time to conduct safety workshops or seminars.

“Most importantly, managers need to recognise that safety could be compromised if there are insufficient staff or equipment to cope with increased demand over Christmas. Put staff and equipment under too much pressure and there will be a greater temptation to take short cuts and therefore a greater risk of accidents,” Parson says.
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and thousands more...
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Damon operates forklift in ‘Hereafter’ movie
Crockett, CA, United States
High-profile actor Matt Damon, 40, dons a hardhat and operates a forklift in the Clint Eastwood-directed movie “Hereafter” that starts theatre distribution on 22 October.

The hush-hush shooting of the forklift scenes occurred on 19 January in the Crockett warehouse of the C&H Sugar Co Inc refinery. In mid-2009, the production company selected the site because of its industrial appearance but prohibited any disclosure until after the shooting ended.
The location is portrayed onscreen as a flour mill.

About 125 people from the studio spent  up to 12 hours at the refinery, with the forklift-related activity taking about two hours. “We required everyone from the studio to follow our rules for hard hats, safety glasses and hardcover OSHA toes,” says Jake Peterson, C&H warehouse manager, but the crew was “exempt from the safety rules during filming”. At first, “we were leery to let anyone get on the forklift”.

Apparently from some prior instruction, Damon “was familiar with how a forklift operates”, Peterson says. “He looked nervous at first” but came across as a “good guy” with “down-to-earth” characteristics.

In the warehouse, Peterson acquainted Damon with a C&H Sugar-owned battery-powered Yale forklift with 5,000-lb (2,250-kg) lifting capacity and operator-monitoring ShockWatch equipment. “We programmed a ShockWatch key in Damon’s name, and I showed him how to log on to the forklift as well as the basic functions of the lift,” Peterson says.

In one scene, Damon drives  the forklift, picks up a pallet of boxes, raises it and places it on top of other boxes. In another scene, he drives the forklift without any load.

Inadvertently, at one point the Damon-driven forklift “rubbed paint onto a metal box in which we store empty pallets”, Peterson said. “He pushed the box against a column but with so little impact it did not set off the ShockWatch unit.”

In another scene, the film crew used Peterson’s office for a simulated firing of Damon’s character.

“C&H had about 40 extras available, some of whom were selected to be in scenes,” Peterson says.

Until he sees the movie himself, Peterson is unaware of what scenes from C&H Sugar made the final cut. Principal photography occurred from October 2009 to February 2010 and included locations in London, San Francisco, Paris and Hawaii.

Peterson saw the crew take images of a nearby bridge that crosses the tidal Carquinez Strait near San Pablo Bay. While on the set, Eastwood was heard saying: “I've been driving across that bridge looking at the refinery since I was a little kid.”

C&H Sugar has roots extending back to 1906 and a long history of refining and packaging sugar in Crockett, which is about 28 miles (45 km) north east of downtown San Francisco. American Sugar Refining Inc, of Yonkers, New York, acquired C&H in 2005.

The Crockett site employs about 500, including nearly 100 people in the warehouse. The operation uses 25 leased electric Yale forklifts for most tasks and, to handle peak workloads, also has more than 15 Crown and Yale brand “older electric forklifts”,  Peterson says.

The Union City, California, facility of Yale dealership Pacific Material Handling Solutions Inc services the Damon-driven forklift and other C&H Sugar equipment under a Yale flat-rate guaranteed-maintenance program.

“Hereafter” interweaves and merges three parallel stories about three people impacted by death in different ways. Damon plays the role of George, a US factory worker who can communicate with the dead. The female lead is Belgian actress Cécile de France, who plays French television journalist Marie.

Movie distributor Warner Bros is marketing “Hereafter” as a Damon vehicle with a studio effort to get him nominated in the lead actor category for a possible Oscar from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. A successful early screening of “Hereafter” at the 9-19 September Toronto International Film Festival appears to have reinforced that effort.
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Hyster blog seeks photos, videos
Fleet, United Kingdom

Hyster is seeking photos and videos of any of its large forklifts in action anywhere in the world for a new internet blog dedicated to its range of big trucks.
The best picture or video of Hyster 8-48 tonne forklifts will receive a Hyster reach stacker scale model. Jens Koerting, Hyster Big Trucks director, will judge the entries. He says he is looking for one that “captures the intensity of the application and the strength of Hyster Big Trucks”.
Email entries to before 30 November. The winner will be notified by 15 December. The launch of the Hyster blog, which is updated weekly, comes ahead of new product announcements for the company next month.

Still truck does the work of two
Hamburg, Germany

Still GmbH has launched the Kanvan 05, a tow truck-forklift fusion, which it claims is the first of its type.
According to Still, the truck can substitute use of two vehicles, a towing tractor and forklift or pallet stacker, in supplying assembly lines with product parts.
The truck has a lift capacity of 500kg (1,102lbs) and can tow the trailer and load and unload it.
It is targeted at assembly lines’ production parts supply and is available in all global markets.

Fastest laps at Calor stand win iPods
Birmingham, United Kingdom

British Touring Car Championship race stars Tom Onslow-Cole and Tom Chilton will be at Calor’s stand at IMHX 2010 to compete with visitors in a forklift challenge.
The professional drivers will challenge visitors to a competitive drive using remote-controlled forklifts. All times will be recorded and the fastest on each day will win an iPod.
Calor, established in 1935, is a UK-based supplier of liquefied petroleum gas. It is part of a global group of companies owned by Dutch company SHV Gas.
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OMG range unveiled to industry
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
OMG distributor Komatsu Forklift Australia (KFA) unveiled its new range of forklifts to the industry at a launch in Sydney last week.

The OMG Neos range of reach trucks claims to have the best operator vision in the industry. It is available from 1.3 tonne to 2.5 tonne capacity with lift heights of up to 10m ( News #475).

KFA product manager Gary Hodge tells News there is strong interest in the product, particularly from companies that handle high-value goods.

He says eliminating product damage is vital, particularly for customers such as Garmin where the value of goods per pallet can exceed $10,000.

The company has already taken orders for OMG forklifts from customers such as Honda, BSA Ltd, Tyco Electronic Group and Evonic Industries, and there is strong interest from almost all the 48 companies that attended last week’s launch.

Among dignitaries present were OMG’s export manager Massimo Marchetti; Mamoru Hironaka, vice president of Komatsu Utility Japan; Ted Ishikawa, MD of KFA; and Joe Hashem, KFA general manager.
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Port personality resigns
Auckland, New Zealand
Jens Madsen, managing director of Ports of Auckland, will resign from the company in February 2011.

No successor has been named at this stage, and Madsen has not announced his future plans.

Madsen, who has spent five years with the port, tells News he wishes to remain completely focused on the success of Ports of Auckland until he leaves, and even then will continue to be a strong advocate for the port.  

Chairman John Lindsay thanked Madsen for his significant contribution to the company over the years and wished him well for the future.
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NTP Forklifts may silence noise critics
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
The latest range of silent-drive forklifts from Jungheinrich will soon be available through national distributor NTP Forklifts Australia.

With a noise level of just 59 dB(A), the EJE pallet trucks are designed specifically for applications where quietness is essential.

“For example, companies that need to make deliveries outside business hours in public areas,” says NTP national marketing manager Tom Naffine.

He tells News the company has already had interest from one of Australia’s top three supermarket retailers, which has ordered a forklift to assess its capabilities.

“If it meets their expectations, it will open a whole window of opportunity for their supply chain in terms of when deliveries can be made,” Naffine says.

Technical modifications responsible for the noise level reduction include damping the pallet truck’s hoods to modify the engine frequency.  With a Shore hardness of 75, the drive, load and support wheels are especially soft, helping reduce the impact load while the truck is operating. The addition of a tandem roller also contributes to reduced impact from the floor. An optionally available triple-load wheel reduces noise exposure on tiled floors or floors with numerous seams.

The machine’s low-noise pump has been decoupled from the frame to ensure the pump can no longer emanate vibration noise to the frame. The pump is outfitted with a lift limit cut-out that automatically turns the pump off when the maximum lifting height has been reached, thus eliminating the typical noise that occurs when a stacker is in that state.
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Impressive growth at Port Botany
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Port Botany has hit a new monthly record with container trade of 181,200 TEUs for August, an increase of 16.5% on the same month last year.

New South Wales Treasurer and Minister for Ports and Waterways Eric Roozendaal says the strong start to the financial year follows a record 2009/10 for Sydney Ports with 1.928 million TEUs transferred through Port Botany – up 8% on the previous year.

The port continues to outperform other major Australian container ports, with growth fuelled mainly by higher exports in chemicals, textiles and cotton.

“In 2009/10 our container trade was up 8% on the previous year. Compare this with Brisbane which in 2009/10 had 2.6% growth on the previous year and Melbourne in 2009/10 was up 3.7 % on the previous year,” Roozendaal says.
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Are you in breach of Australian Standard 4084-1993, applicable to Pallet Racking?
WSS (Warehouse Safety Solutions) are confident that the Protect – It rack protector will save you money on your current method of rack protection.

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Meklift Ltd - now the sole distributor in the UK for Agria Rough Terrain Forklifts
Meklift Ltd of Colchester are very pleased to announce that they have now become the sole distributor in the UK for the full range of Agria rough terrain forklifts.

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RAEDER-VOGEL® proudly presents its worldwide network of trade partners
Cooperation with local partners is the basis for on-going success. In more than 30 countries worldwide RAEDER-VOGEL® cooperates with local dealerships. Their excellent service response times and in-depth knowledge of the local markets combined with RAEDER-VOGEL'S® high-quality products and support from a truly global manufacturer are the key to on-going success.

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Chain supply is made easy with Chaintec’s new direct delivery service
Chaintec, the country’s leading leaf chain supplier servicing the forklift truck replacement market, has announced a new direct delivery service for all its chain products. The new service, called Chaintec Direct, will see Chaintec delivering orders direct to their customer’s engineer, so eliminating the time needed to visit a trade counter.

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Looking for dealers to represent Maximal IC and Electric Forklifts
All Terrain Truck & Equipment, Inc.; the US distributor for MAXIMAL forklifts and parts, is looking for dealers interested in representing MAXIMAL IC AND ELECTRIC FORKLIFTS.

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UN heavy duty diesel forklift
UN brand 5T to 10T heavy duty IC forklifts are designed for high performance, maximum efficiency and the lowest possible operating cost. The heavy duty forklifts operate over the roughest terrain with excellent manoeuvrability.

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KEYTROLLER, LLC. introduces new VANGUARD (World’s most accurate hydraulic forklift scale)
KEYTROLLER, LLC. introduces new VANGUARD (World’s most accurate hydraulic forklift scale) designed to provide accuracy to within .2% of the rated load (within 10# in 5,000# load - 4.5kg in 2250kg load).

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Banyitong Electric Forklift Company Produces Customized 500KG-50000KG Warehouse Forklift Equipment
Banyitong Electric Forklift company was established in 1994, specialising in electric forklift research, manufacture, sales and service. It provides the best interior materials handling and shelf storage automation system solutions. In 2008, Banyiton merged with the logistics automation company, MIMA, which was known for products such as electric pallet stackers, reach trucks, AC electric forklift trucks, 3-way electric pallet stackers, 4-directional reach trucks, side-loading reach truck and unconventional materials handling equipments.

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Ground Level Container Access Ramps
Forklift Traders offers a popular and low cost solution to unload containers with a forklift. The Work Cover approved CRN65 Container Access Ramp is designed for bridging into standard containers from ground level.

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Taylor - TEC950L - 1992
Chico, California, United States
Mitsubishi - FBP30-80E - 1998
28806 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain
Omega - 54D - 2000
Granville, New South Wales, Australia

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1. Senior Management,TechnicalTraining /after sales & technical support - Full time
USA/Canada/Worldwide willing to relocate, United States

2. Customer Sales and Service, Forklift Sales, - Full time
Completely Mobile with Dual Citizenship, US and Mexico, United States

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