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This is issue #481 - 30 September 2010 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
41 forklift victims in next seven days


SPECIAL REPORT: Hydrogen forklifts still a long way to go

Supply chain automation may impact forklift industry
Camoplast Solideal marriage “to create world leader”
41 forklift victims in next seven days
Competing logistics companies unite to help Pakistan
Product News
Sample of used equipment for sale
Movers & Shakers
52 forklift operators compete in Utah rodeo
Youths use forklifts in vandalising warehouse

NYK becomes exclusive Qld Flexilift dealer
Smart event will explore road ahead
Contract awarded for new container wharf
Multi-million contract for WA project

EP strengthens co-operation with university
See Ningbo Ruyi at International Fair this October 2010
RAEDER-VOGEL® - Innovative developments on VULKOLLAN® heavy-duty wheels for high-speed applications
Tow tractor sales growth expected as manufacturers adopt the ‘milk run’ principle
One of the good things we can all do

Eagletronic battery chargers
SMH - releases its aerial work platform catalog.
New at TVH: TotalSource boosters for all applications? TVH gets you started!

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Hydrogen cells are a bit like the Australian with a new boomerang. Much as he liked it, he couldn’t throw away his old one. While there’s lots of hype about the new fuel technology, the forklift industry can’t turn its back on traditional battery power. After all, it works, it’s accessible and it’s already present in a large number of forklifts. And, as you’ll read in our special report this week, the technology keeps getting better. But there’s no doubt that hydrogen fuel cells are the way of the future, and it’s a question of when – not if – they’ll make it to the mainstream.

Hydrogen forklifts still a long way to go
The forklift market is looking for greener power sources but as News reporter Christine Cranney discovers, it may be a while before fuel cell forklifts replace battery-powered ones.
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Supply chain automation may impact forklift industry
San Diego, CA, United States
A wave of automation is coming into the supply chain with potentially significant impact on the forklift industry, according to Scott Friedman, chief executive officer of robotic forklift maker Seegrid Corp.

This wave “has many drivers”, he says, ahead of the 26-29 September convention of the Council of Supply Change Management Professionals (CSCMP) in San Diego.

“The question is, will this be the end of lift trucks. . . or will lift trucks start becoming robotic lift trucks?” Friedman ponders. “Clearly, Seegrid is betting on the latter.”

Friedman notes plans for Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) and the Automation Technologies Council to co-locate their next respective ProMat and Automate exhibitions on 21-24 March 2011 in Chicago, Illinois ( News #460). Further, MHIA intends to launch its own supply chain-oriented MODEX trade show on 6-9 February 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia ( News #475). Robotic material handling equipment includes automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or carts, laser-guided vehicles and self-guided vehicles.

“CSCMP and ProMat, in my mind, are kind of like the bookends of this (technological) sea change in a large mature industry,” he says.

Breakthrough technologies

An educational session in CSCMP’s “supply chain of the future” program focused on where breakthrough technologies fit and where they don’t.

Presentations involved fleet-management monitoring from Raymond Corp of Greene, New York; voice solutions from Vocollect Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; automation technology from ASAP Automation of Louisville, Kentucky; and robotic materials handling equipment from Pittsburgh-based Seegrid.

Joe LaFergola, Raymond business and information solutions manager, noted that end-users report “45-85% fewer impacts over three months” with fleet monitoring. A Wisconsin cheese maker reported the 85% figure.

LaFergola says “industry at large” is embracing the concept and beginning to implement fleet optimisation technology. Other than Raymond, forklift brands supplying somewhat comparable fleet management systems include Toyota, BT Industries and Crown. Toyota and BT have the same system. The Raymond and BT businesses report within Toyota Industries Corp.

Raymond introduced its fleet management system in April 2008. A Raymond fleet management system customer can incorporate software and technology from ShockWatch, a unit of Dallas, Texas-based Media Recovery Inc, or ID Systems Inc of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.

Gary Oldham, Vocollect’s western region director of strategic accounts, envisions the firm’s voice applications in the future will be “complementary to other breakthrough technologies” such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) and AGVs. But Oldham notes, “Voice technology . . . cannot serve as a substitute for good business practices.”

Vocollect voice technology is not suitable within an environment lacking discipline or “where a significant amount of value-added work” is involved, Oldham says. That work may involve counting parts, placing components in a sleeve or moving short distances.

Damir Kantardzic, president of ASAP Automation, notes the aging of the US workforce constitutes a reason for additional implementation of automation systems in manufacturing, assembly and storage applications.

Seegrid’s Friedman says criteria for his firm’s robotic equipment limit travel distance to 660 ft (200 m) and confinement within one facility that “should be 500,000 sqft (45,000 sqm) for a distribution facility and 200,000 sqft (18,000 sqm) for a manufacturing facility”.

CSCMP’s 24 educational sessions were held in four separate venues amid the trade show exhibits.

Trade show items

• Raymond had six models of operational equipment at the CSCMP exhibition: a 9600 Swing-Reach, a 4450 sit-down counterbalance, a 4250 stand-up counterbalance, a 7400 Reach-Fork, a 8400 pallet truck with fuel cell and an 102XM pallet truck.
• Universal Robotics Inc of Nashville, Tennessee launched patent-protected Neocortex software that removes constraints to flexible automation and allows machines to learn from experience in the physical world. The initial market: an automated mixed-size box handler for the materials handling industry, replicating human object moving capabilities in unstructured environments. “With Neocortex, we’ve given industrial robots the ability to adapt and react to the world around them and execute tasks in an ever-changing environment,” says David Peters, CEO of Universal Robotics. “With this ability to learn, machines will be implemented in revolutionary ways across industries.” For a hardware and machine intelligence work cell, Universal Robotics partnered with Motoman Robotics of West Carrollton, Ohio, a division of Yaskawa Electric Corp’s North and South American operations.
• Rush Tracking Systems LLC of Lenexa, Kansas is working with management of an Iowa manufacturer’s warehouse to install RFID technology in 2011 for use with customised SAP AG software. An assessment was conducted in August, says Toby Rush, president. Private equity firm Pharos Capital Group LLC of Nashville, Tennessee acquired Rush Tracking in November.
• HK Systems Inc of New Berlin, Wisconsin has completed a trial of a freezer-rated AGV at an unidentified customer location, reports Derek Roberts, an HK account executive in Clearwater, Florida. HK says the AGV can replace all the functions of a conventional forklift in the harshest freezer environments. At CSCMP, HK operated an HK35/F counterbalanced AGV with lifting capacities of 3,500 lbs (1,575 kg) and up to 21 ft (6.3 m) and 2,200 lbs (990 kg).
• Kiva Systems of Woburn, Massachusetts is marketing an automated trash and recycling system for warehouse and distribution centre applications. The solution uses the same orange robots as Kiva’s mobile fulfillment system. As emptying is needed, a software-controlled Kiva robot picks up and carries recycling or trash pods to a bin for automated dumping into a compactor, shredder or baler. Kiva introduced the trash and recycling system in April.
• In August, Seegrid began conducting a three-month trial of its SafetyPick order selection assistant in a Pittsburgh warehouse of grocery chain Giant Eagle Inc. Seegrid intends to introduce the technology in 2011. SafetyPick combines Seegrid robotic pallet trucks, a user’s current order selection terminals and warehouse-management-system integration software.
• Intelligrated Inc of Mason, Ohio demonstrated material handling automation technologies at the exhibition.

Lombard, Illinois-based CSCMP organised the annual conference, which had about 3,100 delegates.
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Camoplast Solideal marriage “to create world leader”
Sherbrooke, Canada
Camoplast Inc has acquired Solideal Group in a deal that is expected to generate significant synergies in purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and R&D.

David Shippee, Solideal USA’s director of marketing, says all the employees at Solideal will be retained and there are no plans to close any plants. “In the integration plan, we will look at adjustments where it creates value to the customer at great quality level. There is very little overlap in terms of products and we know we will have a need for everybody in this growing entity.”

The holding company will be named Camoplast Solideal Inc, while the Solideal and Camoplast brands will continue to be managed independently. Current Solideal shareholders have a significant participation in the ownership of the holding company. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals expected to finalise in October.

“The combination of the two companies will create a worldwide leader in industrial tyres, construction tyres and rubber tracks for off-road vehicles. Together, the two will have a significantly greater opportunity to grow into new markets, particularly in the tyre and track segments, with an enhanced product offering, a worldwide network capacity and a strong global manufacturing presence,” Shippee says.

Camoplast Solideal Inc will operate R&D and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, with a 7,300-strong workforce.

"Both Camoplast and Solideal employ dedicated and focused people, sharing similar values such as team work and empowerment,” says Pierre Marcouiller, CEO and chairman of the board of Camoplast.

"Our combined teams will be a powerful force for innovation around their particular line of products. Together, we will also benefit from a strong financial structure and the access and sharing of the best tools and practices,” he adds.

“The pooling of our two companies’ strengths will add value to our stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers,” says Paul Gaines, Solideal Group’s CEO.

The value of the transaction is confidential.

Solideal, headquartered in Luxembourg, has R&D facilities in Europe and Asia, plants in Europe, North America and Asia, and over 100 distribution and service locations worldwide. It serves the tyre, wheel and rubber track needs of the materials handling and construction industries and employs over 6,000 people globally, many of whom work at the Sri Lankan and Chinese plants.

Camoplast Inc is a Canadian privately owned company composed of two groups, Camoplast Tracks and Systems and Camoplast Polymer Solutions. Camoplast Tracks and Systems manufactures rubber tracks and systems from its plants in the US, Canada, Korea and Europe. It has R&D facilities in Canada and Korea. Camoplast Polymer Solutions manufactures under-the-hood components in Canada and the US. The company employs 1,400 people globally.
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    41 forklift victims in next seven days
    Alton, United Kingdom
    Over 40 people are likely to be badly injured by UK forklifts in the next seven days, according to new findings released by the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA).

    The figures, based on Health and Safety Executive workplace accident statistics since 2001, also show that forklifts injure almost as many people at work as vans, cars and heavy goods vehicles combined.

    Statistically, an average week’s injury toll of 41 would include the following types of people: 11 serious, long-term injuries like amputations, five victims at or approaching retirement age, three injuries to female workers, 20 pedestrians struck by a moving truck and two victims under the age of 19.

    Someone in the UK is killed by a forklift on average every six weeks. The rate doubles in September as companies take on additional staff to cope with pre-Christmas stock movements.

    FLTA CEO David Ellison believes much of the problem lies with managers and supervisors. “All too often, the people responsible for enforcing good practice are poorly equipped for the task.”

    "It's not unusual for managers and supervisors to have had no formal training in forklift safety, and have too little time to do the research. As a result, these men and women charged with looking after our workplaces are often not able to recognise risks when they see them and take action before problems occur,” Ellison explains.

    To help combat the problem, the FLTA has published a variety of managers' safety resources on its website,, available free of charge. It is hoped the initiative will continue to support a recent downward trend in the accident figures.

    "Since we introduced National Fork Lift Safety Week in 2008, literally thousands of companies have made use of the safety downloads on the website, coinciding with a noticeable improvement in the accident record,” Ellison says.

    The FLTA held its National Fork Lift Safety Week to raise forklift safety awareness among businesses and operators from 20-26 September this year.
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    Competing logistics companies unite to help Pakistan
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Logistics companies Agility, TNT and UPS are providing warehousing, transport and logistics support in Pakistan to ensure critical relief supplies reach the people affected by the disastrous rains and flooding.

    The three companies comprise the Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs) unit, a cross-company partnership to support humanitarian relief efforts during natural disasters. The LETs are working with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

    The heavy rains and flooding in Pakistan have left millions stranded with no access to food and basic necessities. In the first month, WFP reached 3 million people with food supplies and is seeking to double that number for September.

    “The LETs are an important component in our overall response strategy and their generous contribution of logistics assets and personnel has significantly boosted the speed and effectiveness of our response,” says Martin Ohlsen, WFP logistics director.

    Agility managing director Tarek Sultan says relief operations had to be set up quickly and efficiently during disasters and logistics had a key role to play.

    Dan Brutto, president of UPS International, says besides providing financial and transport support, UPS has worked with WFP to provide critical logistics, through LETs staff and facilities to help the flood victims.

    Peter Bakker, CEO of TNT, says it is essential that the LETs team step in with its resources and expertise to help the Pakistani people.

    Agility, TNT and UPS have provided warehousing facilities totaling 8,000sqm (86,111sqft) in Multan, Peshawar and Islamabad, and support staff in several locations. The companies also supplied refrigerated containers for storage of medicines and provided light trucks for transporting relief materials between airports, helipads and consolidated warehouses.

    TNT Pakistan also provided forklifts to support the relief operations. News contacted TNT for details of the Pakistani forklift fleet but none were available by press time.

    The LETs initiative is the first multi-company commitment to the humanitarian sector and was launched in 2008 at the World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.
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    One good thing to do
    The US Open Forklift Safety Rodeo invites you to join us as a co-sponsor of the 2010 Rodeo.

    The following is an testimonial extract from Col. Richard E. "Dick" Higgins, USAF (Ret) from the US Open Rodeo.

    “ForkliftAction can take great satisfaction in knowing that somewhere, somehow you have undoubtedly saved lives by your consistent support in promoting forklift safety! One never knows when or where it happens because the operators you have helped save will always be known only to some higher being! To say nothing of what your acts do to help the individual, families, friends, employers & the industry; all your clients!”

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    Product News
    Doosan adds high-capacity telehandlers
    Frameries, Belgium

    Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment has entered the high-capacity telehandler market with the launch of four models in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
    Using buckets up to 4.5 m³ (1,022 gallons) in volume and offering maximum lift heights of 10 metres (33 feet) and lifting capacities from 7 to 21 tonnes, the telehandlers, which have Iveco and Perkins engines, are suited to civil engineering, mining and quarrying applications.

    Jungheinrich launches multi-directional truck
    Hamburg, Germany

    Jungheinrich has introduced the battery-powered, multi-directional ETV Q20/ETV Q25 reach truck that is equipped with electronically controlled all-wheel steering.
    “Thanks to its standard 360-degree steering, this truck is capable of travelling in virtually any direction,” says head of reach trucks Armin Holzner.
    Produced at Norderstedt, Germany, the ETV Q can transport loads up to 2.5 tonnes and has a maximum travel speed of 14km/h (8mph). Depending on the mast, the maximum lifting and lowering speeds without payload are 0.6 and 0.5 metres  (1.9 and 1.6 feet) per second, respectively.
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    United Rentals launches mobile phone access to fleet
    Greenwich, CT, United States

    United Rentals Inc has introduced a new mobile website to provide access to its large equipment rental fleet and customer service team.
    The mobile version of uses state-of-the-art smartphone interface to enable customers to search for equipment, request rental quotes and locate nearby branches via the GPS in their mobile phones.
    Kenneth DeWitt, chief information officer, says mobile technology is the new frontier of customer service.
    “By investing in a true, platform-specific interface, we have optimised the user’s experience on all leading smart phone platforms including Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.”

    Forklifts prominent during Army Reserve ceremony
    Athens, GA, United States

    “Two huge forklifts stood in the background as (US Army Reserve) commanding officers gave speeches and soldiers sang, ‘The Army Goes Rolling Along,’” according to a 25 September Athens Banner-Herald report. The ceremony recognised the reactivation of the Army Reserve’s 231st Transportation Company at a centre near the Athens-Ben Epps Airport in Athens.
    The company had been deactivated in 2000 but now is being rebuilt to about 160 soldiers who will operate forklifts, drive trucks and use cranes in transporting cargo on and off ships.

    Cargotec receives Russian orders
    Vladivostok, Russia

    Cargotec has received orders from two customers at Russia’s Far East Port of Vladivostok for the Kalmar E-One2 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) with 16-wheel design.
    SOLLERS Far East LLC, a Russian automobile company and Vladivostok Container Terminal signed the contracts for the equipment in the second quarter of 2010.
    The Port of Vladivostok on the northwestern coast of the Golden Horn Bay was founded in 1897. The port mainly handles containers, metal products, cars and vehicles, pulp and other cargo.
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    Movers & Shakers
    Oshkosh, WI, United States
    Oshkosh Corp CEO and chairman Robert G Bohn will retire on 31 December. Charles L Szews will replace Bohn on 1 January 2011. Szews will serve in a dual role as president and CEO. He has been with the company since 1996 and is currently Oshkosh Corp president and COO.

    Bohn who has served as CEO for 13 years will remain on the company’s board of directors until the AGM on 1 February. At that time, Richard M Donnelly will succeed him as board chairman. Under Bohn’s leadership, Oshkosh Corp has been transformed from a USD400 million Midwest US company into a multi-billion dollar international corporation and a Fortune 350 company. When Bohn joined the company in 1992, he introduced multiple-product manufacturing on a single production line long before mainstream industry embraced it. He also led the company to expand its product portfolio and build leading positions in multiple markets.

    Szews has been Oshkosh Corp’s champion of new business development, mergers and acquisitions and long-term strategic initiatives. He joined Oshkosh in 1996 as CFO and has served as president and COO since 2007, when he also joined the board. He is credited with being a catalyst in building the company’s international footprint and global procurement supply chain.

    Future board chairman Richard Donnelly is a former General Motors executive and former industrial partner in the automotive supply practice of a private equity firm.

    Westport, CT, United States
    Terex Corp has appointed Frank Bardonaro as Terex Cranes vice president and managing director in the Americas. For the past nine years, Bardonaro has been president and CEO of the Amquip Crane Rental Company. Prior to Amquip, he was operations manager for Maxim Crane Rental. He is currently the chairman of the Specialised Carriers and Rigging Association, an international trade association of over 1,300 members from 43 nations.
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    52 forklift operators compete in Utah rodeo
    West VAlley City, UT, United States
    Spencer Hill from a Salt Lake City, Utah facility of Boeing Co has won the eighth annual forklift rodeo of the Utah Manufacturers Association with a near-perfect score.

    Hill receives USD500, and Boeing can display the forklift rodeo’s travelling trophy for the next year.

    The association conducted the rodeo on 25 September in a West Valley City warehouse of publicly traded USANA Health Sciences Inc, a developer and manufacturer of science-based nutritional and personal care products.

    The Salt Lake City site of Arnold Machinery Co provided two Yale and two Hyster forklifts, each with lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs (2,250 kg). “Each contestant (of 52 entrants) used one of each brand of forklift,” says Teresa Thomas, managing director of the Salt Lake City-based association.

    The forklift operators competed in safety inspection, obstacle course, loading and unloading a trailer and stacking and shelving pallets with 300 possible points for the rodeo. Hill lost one point, giving him a final result of 299.

    Two operators had final scores of 298 with elapsed time breaking the tie. Jason Clark with Morton Salt Co. of Grantsville, Utah was second, receiving USD300, and Richardo Basulto with Schiff Products Inc. of Salt Lake City was third, receiving USD100.
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    Youths use forklifts in vandalising warehouse
    Three Rivers, MI, United States
    Three intoxicated youths used forklifts to vandalise a commercial logistics warehouse in Three Rivers.

    “They used forklifts to try to flip over other forklifts (and) to damage pallet-racking beams, interior walls and an overhead door,” says Jamie Clark, president of Central Manufacturing Services Inc (CMS). “Damage was in the 10s of thousands of dollars” primarily involving one customer’s steel and plastic component parts.

    CMS operates 40 forklifts for seven facilities in Three Rivers, Sturgis and Portage, Michigan and provides third-party storage, inventory control, material handling and transportation services.

    The males—two 18 years old from Three Rivers and Centreville and one 17 years old from Three Rivers—made use of a TCM forklift with a lifting capacity of 5,000 lb (2,250 kg), a Toyota with similar capability and a 6,000-lb (2,700-kg) -capacity Clark rigging truck that CMS uses to move steel.

    Damage was confined to a 40,000-sqft (3,600-sm) portion of a 130,000-sqft (11,700-sm) building.

    “They were caught early,” Clark notes, “probably within 20-30 minutes” of starting the rampage.

    A CMS employee arrived at work and discovered the activity at 612 Fourth Street, according to a Three Rivers police department report. “The suspects broke into the (facility) to steal items and then made the decision to start destroying things once they were inside.”

    During the apprehension, police dog Bedo bit two suspects who were treated for their injuries at Three Rivers Hospital. All three were arrested and transported to the St Joseph County jail.
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    NYK becomes exclusive Qld Flexilift dealer
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Brisbane-based NYK Forklifts has become the exclusive dealer of Flexilift forklifts for Queensland.  

    General manager Phil Singleton tells News that the deal, struck last month, will see the company expand its range of materials handling equipment beyond its current Nichiyu, TCM and Cat forklift brands.

    “Many of our customers were looking for a machine to handle narrower aisles and increased racking, and we found the Flexilift brand filled the gap in our product range perfectly.”

    He adds that the company is about to clinch a deal to supply two new machines to a paper packaging client.

    “With this new addition to our range, we can show clients how to increase their storage capacity by up to 30%,” says Singleton.

    The company will analyse a customer’s warehouse, set up dummy racking and demonstrate the forklift’s 90 degree turning capability in narrow aisles.

    “It can lift up to 1,800kg at 600mm load centre with heights of up to 12m and loads like a counterbalance forklift.  What’s more, any licensed forklift operator can drive the Flexilift machine (as) it doesn’t require specialised training.”
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    Smart event will explore road ahead
    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    The biennial supply chain event Smart Conference 2011 will take place on 25-26 May 2011 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour.

    The central theme of the conference and expo is examining which supply chain models are on the horizon and assisting organisations to meet their future supply chain needs.

    Smart Conference has been held every two years for the past 20 years and attracts hundreds of delegates from the Australasian region.

    Michael Watkins, chair of the Smart 2011 organising committee, says it is important for supply chain and logistics participants to take time out to learn and share ideas in an open forum.

    “The supply chain is one which has constant innovation, and given Smart only happens every two years, delegates can be assured that there will be something new for them to take away,” he says.
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    Contract awarded for new container wharf
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Work will begin shortly on Port of Brisbane’s newest container wharf, Wharf 11, following the awarding of the construction contract to Smithbridge Australia.

    On completion, the wharf will be operated by Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) which becomes the port’s third container stevedore.

    Port of Brisbane CEO Jeff Coleman says the awarding of the contract illustrates the company’s ongoing commitment to the long-term growth and development of the port.

    “On the completion of wharf construction, we will have invested around $90 million in the development of this facility, and HPH will also invest significant capital in the development of Terminal 11,” he adds.

    “This is a clear demonstration of the high level of confidence HPH has in the future of the Port of Brisbane, and our plans to cater for container trade growth.

    “The completion of Wharves 11 and 12 will increase the port’s container handling facility by 25% and take the number of dedicated container wharves at the port to nine.”
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    Multi-million contract for WA project
    Barrow Island, Western Australia, Australia
    A contract worth around $800 million has been awarded to Leighton Contractors for the Gorgon Project in Western Australia.

    The Gorgon Project is Australia's largest resources project to date, with a capex of $43 billion. ( News #429).

    The company will deliver the civil and underground works package, which is the second contract it has won in relation to the project.

    Currently, the company is completing works on the 2.1km LNG jetty and marine structures in consortium with Saipem, in a contract worth $1.1 billion.

    Work on the second contract will begin immediately, with completion expected by mid-2013.
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    EP strengthens co-operation with university
    Recently, EP signed the Southwest Transportation University& EP-Equipment Co., LTD internship agreement with Southwest Jiaotong University. Under the agreement, EP has further strengthened its co-operation with university.

    Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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    See Ningbo Ruyi at International Fair this October 2010
    Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co. Ltd. will exhibit at the 108th Canton Fair and CeMAT Asia show in Shanghai this Oct 2010.

    Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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    RAEDER-VOGEL® - Innovative developments on VULKOLLAN® heavy-duty wheels for high-speed applications
    Growing market demands on speed and load capacity call for new methods in the design of drive and load wheels with VULKOLLAN® tread. Today, at RAEDER-VOGEL®, we study the interaction between wheel tread and wheel centre. The use of innovative wheel centre geometries, such as the HSHL® (HighSpeedHighLoad®) design, demonstrably increases the service life of wheels by up to 29 %.

    Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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    Tow tractor sales growth expected as manufacturers adopt the ‘milk run’ principle
    Leading materials handling equipment manufacturer Jungheinrich expects sales of its range of tow tractors to double in 2010 as demand increases, a result of changing trends in manufacturing industry.

    Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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    One of the good things we can all do
    Forkliftaction is a proud sponsor of the US Open Forklift Safety Rodeo and we will keenly consider similar sponsorships around the world.
    We invite you to join us as a co-sponsor of these events.

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    Eagletronic battery chargers
    Jamco is the worldwide exclusive distributor of Eagletronic chargers and related products. This line of energy efficient chargers and related products offers users with good quality products that are user and technician friendly as well as a great price advantage enabling dealers to increase margins and market share. Our line of chargers offers a full range to meet every battery charging requirement for the forklift industry.

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    SMH - releases its aerial work platform catalog.
    Systems Material Handling is proud to announce the release of the aerial work platform catalog, signalling one step closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for all your material handling and industrial part needs.

    Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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    New at TVH: TotalSource boosters for all applications? TVH gets you started!
    TVH recently expanded its product range with a new line of professional starter boosters. This new assortment now allows you to easily find the correct booster that matches your profile, completely tuned to the requirements of your fleet. The TotalSource boosters stand out by their power and reliability.

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    Linde - E60N - 2003
    Bremen, Germany
    Mitsubishi - FG25F717B60285
    Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Crown - RC3020-40 - 2001
    Schiller Park, Illinois, United States

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    "Why would anyone think it is good to blow out an air filter. They can be damaged and allow dirt to go thru them. Try not changing one and have a engine go bad and the customer will blame the service provider. Only the customer can make the decision to blow it out but be sure it is on the work order or it could come back on you."
    hank_j, United States

    "I'm studying the working time of a battery towing tractor, Still R060-06 (max trail 6000kg) with 24V-625 Ah, but haven't found any info. Please help me to check any estimate working time accordingly the trail capacity 1.0 ton, 2.0 ton.... 6.0 ton. Many thanks!"
    trungtt, Vietnam

    "I posted a question about my company and they found it and were concerned. It was not slandering the company in any way, shape or from. I posted it on my own time, using my own computer in this public forum which the company has no controll over. I opted to remove my post as I just dont want conflict with work but legally I did not have to."
    BenH, United States

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    1. P & D Driver - Full time
    United States, Atlanta, GA

    2. Forklift Technician - Full time
    United States, Savannah, GA

    3. Customer Support Manager - Komatsu America Corp. - Full time
    United States, Position can be located in Oklahoma, Texas or Kansas

    4. Truck Driver - Full time
    United States, Oakland, CA

    5. S2 Service Technician - Full time
    United States, Tampa, FL

    6. Service Technician - Full time
    United States, Albany,Ga

    7. General Manager - Full time
    United States, Addison

    8. Field Service Technician - Full time
    United States, Eagan, MN


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    1. Management, Any.... - Full time
    Any, United States

    2. Parts/Service Coordinator/Dispatcher/Warrenty Administration - Full time
    Wilmington/Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States


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